Inter-Urban Electric Trolley Car Seat

The inter-urban trolley car was a popular mode of transportation in Wooster’s past. Beginning in downtown Wooster, it ran north along the east side of St. Rt. 3, which had been named the 3-C Highway. Traveling through Creston, Seville and Medina (with a side branch to Chippewa Lake), the inter-urban took travelers all the way into Cleveland.

An inter-urban car barn was built on the northeast corner of North Grant Street and West Liberty Street in Wooster, opening in April 1905. A ticket office was opened in the same building. Wooster residents did not like the location so far from the center of town, and a waiting room was later rented from the Wayne County Courthouse on Wooster’s square.

The inter-urban trolley car seat shown here was restored by Al Neilson.

This trolley car seat is located in the Transportation Room of the Kister Building.

Wooster's inter-urban car barn

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