Monument in Honor of Union Soldiers

It took Capt. Forbes Alcock seven months to carve the figure of the Civil War soldier in downtown Wooster. The monument is made of Richmond granite, stands 22 feet in height and weighs about 30 tons. Donors were Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Frick. The plaque carved into this monument, which is located on the square in Wooster, reads “Erected by Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Frick in honor of the Union Soldiers of Wayne County, Ohio and presented to the City of Wooster, May 5, 1892.”

Notice the Wayne County National Bank building to the right of the statue. Also notice this statue appears to be sitting along the roadway, with no barriers around it!

Jacob and Elizabeth Frick moved to Wayne County in April 1859 and Mr. Frick began a dry goods trade in Smithville, later moving outside of Wooster as a grain merchant. In 1865, Frick moved his business into Wooster. Several years after the Civil War, the couple donated this statue to the City of Wooster.

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