Civil War Author Edward Leslie featured at Annual Meeting

The annual dinner meeting of the Wayne County Historical Society will be held April 27, 2011 and will feature author Edward E. Leslie of Massillon, Ohio. The title of his talk will be “The True Grit of William Clarke Quantrill, or Hollywood, History, and Me”.

Edward Leslie, author

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Leslie moved to Massillon in 1982. He is the author of two books: Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls: True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors (published by Houghton Mifflin) and The Devil Knows How to Ride: The True Story of William Clarke Quantrill and His Confederate Raiders (Random House). The film rights to Devil have been purchased by Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Studios. Ed is the creative consultant to that film project. Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Studios produced The Pirates of the Caribbean, starring Johnny Depp, and National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage.

From 1998 to 2009, Ed worked for a television documentary company as a researcher, interviewer, script consultant, and scriptwriter on documentaries broadcast by the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. He is presently writing two books, one fiction and one nonfiction.

The annual meeting will be held at Memories Party and Conference Center, 2437 Back Orrville Road, Wooster, at 6:00 p.m. The dinner will consist of your choice of chicken or vegetable lasagna. The cost is $20 per person for members and $25 per person for non-members.

Reservations may be made at the Historical Society office, 546 East Bowman Street, Wooster. Please call 330-264-8856 for more information. We hope you’ll join us!



  1. I would like to have the e-mail address of Mr. Leslie. I bought “The Devil Knows How to Ride” several years ago and had not read the re-book for a while until today. I discovered an autograph in the book I had asked for several years ago, from someone mentioned in the book, and have a related story regarding that person if Mr. Edwards would be interested in hearing it.

    • I will pass your message and email on to Mr. Leslie. I think that will be faster than asking him if its okay to give out his address. Good luck!

  2. greg madill says

    I’m researching and reading everything I can about the ill fated Last Voyage of the Karluk. Mr Leslie wrote an introduction to this book (in 2000).It was written 100 years ago by Bob Bartlett…who was the captain of the vessel. I just wanted to ask him a few questions about his research. I live in Victoria, where the ship set sail from…and it’s a piece of history of which no one around here has any knowledge !..I will try to change that…We are even heading off to Brigus NFLD to visit Mr Bartlett’s hometown in the spring. Thanks…Greg

  3. Thomas crews says

    Just about done reading “the devil knows how to ride” by Edward E. Leslie and I want him to know I’m really enjoying it, please pass that on to him if you can! Thanks!

  4. Craig Phillips says

    I am writing on behalf of the newly formed Phil Sheridan Society located in Somerset, Ohio. We would like to see if Edward Leslie would be able to present a program on William Quantrill to our organization. The purpose of the group is not only to perpetuate the memory of General Phil Sheridan but to learn about all aspects of the Civil War through lectures, events, and so on. This is a new group and I hope that with your assistance the Phil Sheridan Society will become a positive and influential organization within the community while making a significant contribution to the understanding of the Civil War. I am curious if Mr. Leslie would be able to come in April 2014 and do a presentation on William Quantrill. This is an area of history that doesn’t get much attention and I feel it would be a great addition to our lecture series. The program would be at the Perry County Library in New Lexington, Ohio at 12:00 noon. The lecture series usually commences on the last Saturday of the month, but if that is not doable than anytime in April would be fine. If you could pass this information on to Mr. Leslie and have him contact me if he is interested, I would be much appreciative. Thank-you for your time and assistance in the matter and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Craig A. Phillips

  5. connie orem byrne says

    I would like to re-connect with Ned as we went to high school together and lost track of one another when we went off to college. we went to Towson Sr. HS, in Towson, MD and his father was the guidance counselor.

  6. I am replying to an inquiry that Edward Leslie made to American Heritage, but the system did not capture his email.

    Can you please ask him to contact me at egrosvenor (at) so I can help him?

    Thanks, Edwin Grosvenor