Quonset Hut on S. Walnut St.

Quonset Hut on S. Walnut St. in Wooster, Ohio was erected in 1947.

You’ve probably walked or driven by it a million times and never really noticed it, but tucked behind the building where Matsos Family Restaurant & Pizza is located on the corner of Liberty Street and South Walnut Street, along Diamond alley is a WWII-era, 40-foot by 60-foot Quonset Hut.

The old building that once stood at that location had been occupied by Stuller’s Fish Market. “Catfish” Stuller had to move and set up a new shop on South Street back of the old Wayne Hotel when the Quonset Hut was erected by A.C. McIntire in mid-August of 1947 for use as a garage and storage. The quaint 65-year-old Quonset Hut continues to hold its place in downtown Wooster.

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