Man of War Model (Eighteenth Century Warship)

After one and one-half years, Vern Tschiegg completed this large model of an English Man of War warship, on May 9, 1988. He eventually donated the ship named the “Red Dolphin” to the Wayne County Historical Society where it became part of their collection and is on display in the Kister building addition.

It features 52 cannons, complete with carriages and wheels, and 930 foot of nylon cord for rigging. The hull is all inlaid and overlaid with walnut wood. The decks are made of cherry wood. The pilot house has furniture 1″ high, which may be seen from the stern of the ship.

English Man of War Warship

Large English Man of War warship model is always a favorite display among the school children who visit the museum.

English Man of War warship model

The Red Dolphin is a model of an English Man of War warship circa the 18th century.


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