Dalton High School, Class of 1909

Dalton High School, Class of 1909

Dalton High School, Class of 1909


This real photo postcard shows the “Class of ’09 D.H.S.” with “H.F. Longenecker, Supt.” printed in the corner.

Front row: Dennis E. Arnold, Bernice M. Sauder, Minnie Santmyer, Ferne R. B. Bowman, Leona Ellen Thompson, Robert Guy McAfee.

Back Row: Ira B. Wertz, H. F. Longenecker, Charles Merrill Snodgrass.

Thank you to Dalton Community Historical Society for providing the names of these students!


  1. Mary Lee Guderjahn says

    I have some ephemera from West Salem and would like to donate it where it would be most appreciated. I thought there was a West Salem Historical Society but cannot find any information. There are newspapers, pictures, ads, school records in this collection. Many are not in great condition, but I’m sure they would be an interesting source regarding the history of West Salem. Would you be interested in this material or can you suggest where I might donate it?

    Thank you.

    Mary Lee Guderjahn

    • My, goodness, I apologize for not responding sooner! Either Wayne County or West Salem would appreciate your ephemera. I can provide you with the information you’re looking for: The street address is West Salem Historical Society, 99 E. Buckeye St., Room #1, West Salem. Their museum is in the old schoolhouse, now a community center. The mailing address is P.O. Box 419, West Salem, OH 44287.
      I believe the West Salem Historical Society is open to the public on the third Thursday of each month, from 5-7 p.m. for visitors, and the Society meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the museum. They have a really nice active group with Ann Crebs serving as president. Best wishes! – Vicki Slater

  2. Does the Wayne County historical society have any information on the Dr. Stephen Franklin Day who resided in Wooster Ohio from 1830-1869.

    • webmaster says

      We have a couple of items that were donated to the WCHS that once belonged to Dr. Stephen F. Day and his wife in our collection: 1 PAIR OF SURGICIAL INSTRUMENTS USED BY DR. STEPHEN F. DAY, b.1798-d.1869 A PIONEER PHYSICIAN IN WAYNE COUNTY 1826-1862 and a DRESS WORN BY MRS. STEPHEN DAY.

      His obituary was printed in an old Wooster Republican Newspaper dated DEC 2, 1869 p.3, a copy of which can be obtained from the Wayne County Public Library Genealogy Department.

    • Here is what our researcher found:
      Dr. Stephen F. Day, M.D. was a physician and surgeon, born September 4, 1798, in Morris County, New Jersey. He moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania and received a diploma from the Medical College of Pennsylvania. He practiced in Florence, Pa. and in 1827 moved to Wooster, Ohio where he practiced medicine until 1861.
      In 1833, Dr. Day married Eliza E. Straughan of Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio. They had five children, Stephen, Mary, Amanda, Martha and Eliza. Dr. Day was over six feet tall and became “exceedingly corpulent”. He trained Dr. Edward Thomson, a Methodist bishop, and Dr. Leander Firestone, a Wooster surgeon. Dr. Day had a stroke in 1863 and was bed-ridden until his death in 1869.
      Information from “History of Wayne County” by Ben Douglass, published in 1878.

  3. Matt Martin says

    I live in the Valley College School on Shreve Road. About 6 years ago we received some information and pictures of our “house” then obviously a school. Ironically we pulled the pictures out at a family event. As we were looking at them my Step Mother said that one of the children was her aunt. As she continued to look at it several aunts as well as her mother were in the picture. We are always looking for more information on our “house”. Thank you.

  4. Charles Barkley Snodgrass says

    I have a copy of the 1909 Dalton graduating class photo from my father. It was nice to find a picture of my grandfather on line. I wish my father was still alive to see it. It would have made him smile.

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