UPDATE: Allerton Steam Pump Pictures

1869 Allerton Steam Pumper Update

May 28th, 2013

ASP Coal bin 11ASP Coal bin 12ASP Grab handle 03



















May 13, 2013

Starting to look like a pumper!

ASP Boiler 12ASP Bracing 04ASP Bracing 02






ASP Bracing 01ASP Rear Axle 13ASP Bracing 03





















Here are some new pictures of the front axel master build.

ASP front Axle 20  ASP front Axle 17ASP front Axle 18  ASP front Axle 19





ASP front Axle 16ASP front Axle 15






















Continue to follow Ken’s progress at: http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/horse-drawn-vehicles/57939-allerton-steam-pumper.html

Or visit the Model Expo site: http://trailsandfields.blogspot.com/2013/03/more-allerton-steam-pumper-in-progress.html#more

Can’t get enough of model building with brass? Check out Ken’s book: Model Building with Brass by Kenneth C. Foran, April 28, 2012 (available at Amazon.com)

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