Community Band June 17th Recap and Next Concert

On June 17th the Wooster Community Summer Band gave a heart rejoicing concert.  St. Mary’s Catholic Church allowed us to use their gymnasium.  Over 200 people gather to hear a rousing performance. Randy Claes organizes and directs a very intergenerational group. The Frontz family has three generations that are in the band.  Many are musicians from Wayne Co. high schools music programs. Paula played “The Trumpeter’s Lullaby” superbly.  She was a former member of The Ohio State Marching Band.  They missed her when she graduated.

The night was filled with rousing marching tunes, a My Fair Lady score and John Lennon songs.  Someone told me they didn’t realize the Beatles hit sounded that good.  They were surprised they liked it.  A gentleman sitting on the front row knew the words to My Fair Lady and quietly but joyfully sang along.  But there was a young boy sitting next to me that made my sit a great place to be.  The band played a rendition of Jesus Loves Me.  He was quietly humming along.  Had a good voice, too.

Needless to say the night was a delight for all.  Thanks to Jerry Payn for getting it organized for the Society.  The Ned Brooks, Nancy Ditmer, Jeff Lindberg and Tom Roblee for getting instruments and practice areas from the College of Wooster.  The name Wooster Community Summer Band does sound more musical than the original Wooster Board of Trade Band.  But following in their tradition, there will be a downtown concert on July 30th at 7.  If it continues to rain it will return to St. Mary’s gymnasium.  See you there.

Questions? Contact Jerry Payn, Band Coordinator, at (330) 345-5547 or


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