CWRT Nov. 17th: Allegheny Arsenal Explosion

Allegheny Aresenal

Allegheny Aresenal

Please join us Tuesday, November 17th at 6:30pm in the conference room of the Wayne County Library in Wooster for another of our quality programs commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. We are honored to have Mr. Harold George, Civil War scholar from Lakewood, Ohio, who has developed a new program: “Allegheny Aresenal Explosion – The single largest civilian disaster during the American Civil War”. This program will discuss the explosion of the U.S. Military Firearms Arsenal, which was located in the Central Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This tragic event occurred on September 17th, 1862, the same day as the Battle of Antietam was fought in western Maryland.

Mr. George in "first perso" character

Mr. George in “first perso” character

Mr. George is an author, lecturer, and Civil War re-enactor. Since 1993, he has written, published and produced more than ten difference books, DVDs, and Quick Reference guides on numerous topics of a historical nature. As a lecturer for more than 25 years, Mr. George has performed a selection of more than ten different “first person” historical programs for the public. He has presented in Wooster several times. You will be sure to appreciate this horrible story!

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