Officers for Board of Trustees

President: Robert Everett (Apr 2016-Apr 2018)
President-elect: Sandi Keim (Apr 2016-Apr 2018)
Secretary: Meghan Millea (Started as Secretary in 2016)
Treasurer: Susan Ferguson (Started as Treasurer in 2016)
Past President: Elaine Peterson (Apr 2016-Apr 2018)

Board of Trustees

Kimberly Huffman (2nd term ending 2020)
Carolyn Sheron (2nd term ending 2020)
Michael Force (1st term ending 2020)
Shawn Snyder (1st term ending 2020)

Bob Blanchard (1st term ending 2019)
Ben Derhammer (1st term ending 2019)
Bill McMillan1 (1st term ending 2019)
Nell Reardon (1st term ending 2019)

Adam Bogner 2 (1st term ending 2018)
Renee Jackwood (1st term ending 2018)
Linda Baney 5 (1st term ending 2018)
Jason Storck 3 (1st term ending 2018)


  • 1: Affiliated with Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2: Unexpired term of Ted Luc
  • 3: Unexpired term of Robert Everett
  • 4: Unexpired term of Jason Stork
  • 5: Unexpired term of Lynette Mattson

Our Board of Trustees help lead the historical society on a path of growth and prosperity, enabling the organization to continue providing its current services and programs while developing new ones. The board meets on the last Tuesday of the month to discuss administrative matters like budgets, new programs, activities, fundraising, policies, acquisitions, and volunteer roles.

Last Updated: April 29, 2017