Wooster woman never cut her hair

This news clipping from 1959 must have garnered some attention back in the day. Even then, it’s hard to imagine this was a common occurrence!

Wooster Food Storage Building

After coming across two photographic prints in the S.H. Dawson Collection of a building having signage labeled Community Food Storage, I was puzzled. Personally, I had never heard of this company before and don’t ever remember seeing a building in Wooster that looked anything like the one in the pictures. After referencing a number of … [Read More]

Gravestone of Sadie Pointer

Located in a dense woodlot on the Ramseyer Farm that sits along St. Rt. 585 between the long winding curves of the byway from Wooster to Smithville is an unusual gravestone. While a number of private family cemeteries and grave sites exist in Wayne County, this particular grave site is not the final resting place … [Read More]

Is That Robinson or Robison Road?

Most people living in Wooster or the Madison Hill area today are unaware of the Robison family history or the influence members of this family had in shaping our community at its very beginnings. Which is understandable after almost 200 years of progress and their last name has been misspelled time and again by various … [Read More]

June 4, 1911 Wind Storm

At approximately 2:15PM Sunday, June 4, 1911 a spring storm passed through Wayne County and clobbered the City of Wooster. It caused many thousands of dollars worth of damage and was long remembered as one of the worst storms that touched the downtown area. While the news report descriptions of the storm damage were good, … [Read More]

Dalton High School, Class of 1909

  This real photo postcard shows the “Class of ’09 D.H.S.” with “H.F. Longenecker, Supt.” printed in the corner. Front row: Dennis E. Arnold, Bernice M. Sauder, Minnie Santmyer, Ferne R. B. Bowman, Leona Ellen Thompson, Robert Guy McAfee. Back Row: Ira B. Wertz, H. F. Longenecker, Charles Merrill Snodgrass. Thank you to Dalton Community … [Read More]

Wooster’s roadside rests

                  This vintage postcard is sure to bring back memories. As the Lincoln Highway developed, so did roadside Americana. According to the back of the postcard, Hilltop Motel offered “ten modern units with tile baths and radiant heat. 400 feet from road noise and located on top … [Read More]


Our early local newspapers used to dedicate a few columns in the paper for “news” submitted by persons living in the outlying communities around Wayne County. They often simply reported about the goings-on in their area. Most of these early submissions were written anonymously and after reading a few you might be inclined to substitute … [Read More]

Wooster Hospital, circa 1907

The Educational Building of the Central Christian Church at 407 N. Market Street in Wooster was built between 1860-1865 by Harvey Howard a local druggist who also sold horses and mules to the U.S. Government during the Civil War. The property changed owners several times until 1893 when it was purchased by Captain James B. … [Read More]

Who Really Carved the Wa. Co. Courthouse Atlases

It has previously been speculated that unnamed itinerant Italian stonemasons carved the four exquisite stone telamones, or Atlases, that adorn the Wayne County Courthouse in Wooster, Ohio. However, there is another theory to present after finding an article in the Wayne County Democrat newspaper about the ongoing construction of the courthouse in 1878. The news … [Read More]