McClure Portraits

Hidden underneath a stack of old newspapers on top of a filing cabinet waiting to be sorted, were two eye-catching portraits in the Wayne County Historical Society’s Documents Vault. The catalog numbers handwritten on the back indicated they were images of Matthew McClure Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth (Funk) McClure, and were categorized as “Fine … [Read More]

Ansonia Clock Co. Sunwatch

You never quite know what you might find amongst the Wayne County Historical Society’s collections. While looking for a special item to feature From the Collection this month a thin, flat, brass case about the size and shape of a modern-day smart phone, caught the eye. It was tucked away in one of the Wayne … [Read More]

Rare Civil War Wooden Grave Marker

Wayne County Historical Society Acquires Rare Wooden Civil War Tombstone Marker As with any new burgeoning country, the United States was no stranger to conflict during its earliest years of union. In those days, the task of burying patriots rested upon garrison officers since no centralized system existed for recording the deaths. Often the dead … [Read More]

1910 Wayne County Infirmary Postcard

Recently donated by Winifred Ramseyer of Smithville, Ohio is this circa 1910 postcard depicting life at the old Wayne County Infirmary, more commonly known as the Wayne County Home.

New Acquisition: Toy-Kraft Children’s Toys

These wooden toys, sketches and stencils from the Wooster-based Toy-Kraft Company were recently acquired by the Wayne County Historical Society. The company manufactured a line of fanciful wooden children’s toys from 1916 until 1950. The toys were produced at a plant at 655 Cushman Street (current site of Friendly Wholesale) and were nationally marketed through … [Read More]

Acquisition: WWI Footlocker

World War I Footlocker – This Word War I footlocker was recently acquired by the Wayne County Historical Society from the family of Vernon Fair. Vernon served in the 37th Infantry Division of the United States Army. Nicknamed the “Buckeye Divison”, the 37th was a National Guard division from Ohio and is now known as the … [Read More]

It was cold on the horse and buggy!

Our dress shop currently has winter clothing displayed, and this fur-trimmed, brown quilted bonnet with jet beads is an attractive example of an early winter hat. This heirloom  was donated by Brian and Julie Chisnell in 1999.

Yarn Winder

The pictured yarn winder along with a spinning wheel are recent acquisitions of the Wayne County Historical Society. The yarn winder is a standalone instrument that is used to measure the length of a skein of yarn after the yarn is produced on a spinning wheel, cleaned, and ready for use in clothing or home … [Read More]

Hand-crafted Meat Grinder

This month’s featured item from our collection is a new piece recently donated by a descendant of the Anthony Camp (Kampf) family. Anthony Camp (Kampf) was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1879 and died in Dalton, Ohio on October 13, 1841. Anthony Camp (Kampf) and his family came to Wayne County after … [Read More]

U.S. Mail Wagon

This month’s feature item from the collection is a U.S. Mail Wagon used in the early part of the 1900s to deliver mail in the northern part of Wayne County, Ohio. It was donated to the Historical Society in 1978 by Carl Schaad, who was retiring as Postmaster of Burbank, Ohio at the time. Mr. … [Read More]