Underground Railroad — One of the Principal Depots in the Center of Shreve, Ohio

Printed in Wooster Weekly Republican, 15 April 1886, pg. 4, col. 6 An Interesting Story of the Time When Men Risked Everything for Their Liberty Some Thrilling Facts Which Have Never Been Published By Dr. W. O. Battles It is probably known to but a few of the present residents of Shreve, that long before … [Read More]

Wooster’s Condemned: 311 S. Walnut St.

The charming slate-blue colored house at 311 S. Walnut street was condemned by the City of Wooster in 2012. The victim of a November 2009 alleged arson fire, after which the property owner made no attempt to repair the house and it has sat vacant and allowed to deteriorate. Looking at it from it’s front … [Read More]

Wooster’s Condemned: 605 Spruce St.

At the southwest corner of Spruce and W. Vine streets sits a massive Italianate romantic-styled wood frame building that obviously used to possess some grandeur and class in the prime of its lifespan. However, the house known in the neighborhood as “Big Blue” has long since lost its luster. Over the years, age and neglect … [Read More]

Wooster’s Condemned: 665 N. Bever St.

At the southeast corner of N. Bever and Spring Streets, sits a gargantuan wood frame building. It is so big it is hard to capture the whole thing in one picture. Currently painted a color that has faded to somewhere between institutional and puke green, it sticks out in the neighborhood like an elephant at … [Read More]

Michael Silver Killed In Action during Civil War

There were many young men from Wayne County, Ohio that lost their lives during the Civil War. Since 150 years has passed it’s hard not to see them as names and numbers on a page. As cold statistics tallied from battlefield information. Yet we must remember every single one of those soldiers was an individual, … [Read More]

1827 letter from Chester Township, Wayne County

This is a copy of an 1827 letter written by John Funk of Chester Township, Wayne County, Ohio, to his brother-in-law, John Stoner, of Pennsylvania. The letter has been retyped, using the exact language and spelling these pioneers used, with a few editorial comments in parenthesis. Envelope addressed to:  Mr. John Stoner, Easthuntingdon Township, Westmoreland … [Read More]

July 4th 1969 Flood

It’s been 43 years since the flash flood of 1969 that affected so many peoples lives in Wayne County. Now there are whole generations of folks who don’t know anything about it except the stories they’ve heard from their parents or grandparents. For those that lived through the 1969 flood many can recall the event … [Read More]

Brief History of the H. Freedlander Company (1884-1989)

There is a rich history behind the H. Freedlander Company. David Freedlander was Ann Freedlander Hunt’s great-grandfather. He came to America from East Prussia which was then part of Germany. He settled in Buffalo, New York, for several years and traveled long distances as a pack peddler. Wooster was part of his territory. He liked … [Read More]

Flood of 1913 in Wooster, Ohio

by Harry S. McClarran On the eve of Easter Sunday in 1913, the country was devastated by violent storms which caused massive destruction around the country. This storm had a deadly effect upon Ohio which caused death and destruction across the entire state. Dayton and areas along the Maumee and Miami River basins were flooded or … [Read More]


Yes, there really is a place in Wayne County called Deviltown. It’s shown on the maps as being about 5 miles north of Wooster and it’s in Wayne Township. If you follow Mechanicsburg Road (Co. Hwy. 22) out of Wooster to its intersection with Clear Creek Valley Road, you have located Deviltown. At one time … [Read More]