Wayne County in World War 1

The year-long 2017 exhibit, Wayne County in World War 1, honors the involvement and sacrifices of Wayne Countians during a pivotal moment in history. The exhibit is scheduled for its Grand Opening on Sunday, April 2, 2017 from 2PM-4PM and will feature several special events: 555th Honors Detachment, Three Volleys of Musketry Ceremonial Flag Fold, and Soldiers Cross Ceremony. The exhibit will be on display until the end of October 2017. This exhibit is the creation of the Society’s Military Committee and will show an extensive collection of military weapons of the era, stories from a number of local soldiers and civilians, the papers and memorabilia of Colonel Frank C. Gerlach, and showcase the artwork of over 25 vintage WW1 posters.

Artistically the World War One era propaganda posters are very interesting. Many of them have a naive, romantic and idealized quality, which drastically differed from the photography-influenced, somber and more reality-driven, styles of the Second World War. There are Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and even impressionist influences in many of the WW1 posters as it was a fertile artistic era and reflected the tastes of the audience at that time. Some of the posters in the collection are really unusual. They are glimpses of aspects of the war at home which are rarely seen and a window into the lives of the American people.

Starting on March 17 2017 our entire campus will be open for guided tours during our regular hours:

MAR 17th thru OCT 31st

Fridays 1PM to 4PM
Saturdays 1PM to 4PM