1873 Schoolhouse

The 1873 Schoolhouse

1873 Schoolhouse

This picturesque, one-room school was dismantled at Wooster’s southern edge and reconstructed on our campus. With its McGuffy Readers, dunce cap and stool, plus a potbelly stove, it accurately recreates the atmosphere of a late 1800s learning center.

This school building was originally one of five one-room schools in Wooster Township. Built in 1873 at the intersection of St. Rt. 250 (Dover Road) and McCoy Road, it was known as the “Number 3 School”. The last class was held here in 1939, it was then used for storage, and donated to the Society in 1964 by the Triway Board of Education. Workmen dismantled the building and rebuilt it between 1964-1966, and on December 7, 1966 the Society dedicated the reassembled building on their campus.

Our school house is furnished with local Wayne County treasures:

  • reed pump organ
  • upright piano, manufactured by the Boston Company of Wooster in 1909
  • Shaw’s Self Explaining Music Chart, developed by a Canaan resident
  • a rare bass viola, built in the 1880s, by David Emery of New Pittsburg
  • antique writing pens
  • early typewriters
  • 1856 map of Wayne County, showing early buildings, including the Beall House

Our one-room schoolhouse is used for speakers and concerts, and is available for rent. Please contact our office at 330-264-8856 for details.