Carriage Barn

The 24ft X 36ft Carriage Barn was once located on the old Jones Farm on Burbank Rd. on the north edge of Wooster. It was given to the Society by Weaver Custom Homes in 2007. The crew of Rudy and Laura Christian with the help of the Wayne County Schools Career Center’s senior carpentry class disassembled the barn in eight days during October of 2007 and put it into storage until it could be rebuilt on the Society’s campus in October of 2012.

Computer-assisted plans of original construction characteristics of the 1881 Carriage Barn.

Computer-assisted plans of original construction characteristics of the Carriage Barn.

Each piece was carefully marked and numbered and a computer-assisted draft was made of the framework so it could be reconstructed as it was originally built. Nick Wiesenberg took wood borings from the timbers of the Carriage Barn and dated them to 1881, which was corroborated by a date of 1881 found carved on one the beams in the barn.

The Society is happy to be able to preserve this structure from the old Jones Farm which was the last holdout of beautiful farms in the Burbank and Riffel Rd. area that has since been heavily developed and the farmland gone forever.

The Carriage Barn houses all of the carriages and other early transportation vehicles the Society has acquired over the years. Come see how people got from here to there in the old days.