Wayne County Historical Landmark Registry List

The following is a list of all structures located in Wayne County, Ohio that have been recognized and registered by the Wayne County Historical Society as historic places and have received a designation status or type as either a County Historical Landmark, a Century House, a Pioneer House, or 100-Year-Old House. Also noted are any Wayne County landmarks that have been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.

If your house, building, site, district, or object has a Wayne County Historical Society landmark plaque but does not appear on this list, please email the webmaster@waynehistoricalohio.org with a location and a picture of your plaque (cell-phone picture is acceptable).

Last Updated: MAY 18, 2016 –additions and corrections.

The list is currently divided by townships and shows the number of registered landmarks in each township. Shown in bold text is the name given to the landmark at time of registration, followed by it’s designation type and the year it was registered with the Wayne County Historical Society in parenthesis, and a short description of the landmark.

Baughman Twp. Canaan Twp. Chester Twp. Chippewa Twp.
Clinton Twp. Congress Twp. East Union Twp. Franklin Twp.
Green Twp. Milton Twp. Paint Twp. Plain Twp.
Salt Creek Twp. Sugar Creek Twp. Wayne Twp. Wooster Twp.
Wooster City (Killbuck Twp.)


  1. Ault-Weygandt FarmNational Historic Landmark (2002)-Also known as the Weygandt Farm, is located at 15090 Back Massillon Rd., Orrville. Architectural Style: Colonial Revival, Queen Anne.
  2. Gerstenslager CompanyCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-John Weimer and William Wehe started to build carriages & wagons in Marshallville in 1860. Weimer and Gerstenslager formed the Gerstenslager Company and built the Marshallville brick building in 1877.
  3. Baughman Town HallCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 3465 Misere Rd. in Burton City west of Rt. 94, it is the oldest town hall in Wayne County built before 1861.
  4. Chas. Rausch Blacksmith ShopCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-located on Church St. in Marshallville was built in 1873.
  5. St. Michael’s United Church of ChristCounty Historical Landmark (1984)-located on the corner of Euclid & Chestnut streets in Marshallville was built in 1873.
  6. St. Michael’s Lutheran ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-also known as the Lower Church because it was built on land of the Lower Farm, it is located east of Marshallville on Coal Bank Rd. and was built in 1875.
  7. Samuel Taggart HousePioneer House (1976)-original home located at 421 E. Fike St. in Orrville was built in 1828 and is oldest house in Orrville.
  8. Zimmerman HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 18477 Back Massillon Rd. on north side of Twp. Rd. 299 1/4 mile east of Rt. 32 in Baughman Twp. the brick home was said to be built by members of the Stauffer family before 1830.
  9. Warfel-Mohr HousePioneer House (1991)-located at 12066 Church Rd. in Orrville a 2-story brick house built in 1834. It is said to be one of the first brick houses built in Wayne County.
  10. Roy Martin HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 2179 Wayne St. in Baughman Twp. a log house built in 1837.
  11. Stoll HousePioneer House (1978)-located at 6818 Coal Bank Rd. in Marshallville, built in 1840. The house is built on a sandstone foundation and the brick for this house was fired on the farm and much of the black walnut wood used in the interior came from trees that once grew on the farm.
  12. George LongeneckerPioneer House (2006)-located at 15949 Burton City Rd. in Orrville, built in 1847. A 2-story wood frame building in which the original part of the house measured only 24ftX24ft.
  13. Baer HouseCentury House (1988)-located at 6669 Coal Bank Rd. in Marshallville. The 2-story brick house with a stone basement was built in 1850.
  14. Dr. McMillan’s OfficePioneer House (1977)-located on the corner of W. Market & N. Vine streets in Orrville, was built by Orrville’s first doctor: Dr. McMillan who used the building as his office in 1860.
  15. Johnson HousePioneer House (1977)-the 2-story wood frame house with a maple terrace located at 1217 W. Market St. in Orrville, was built in 1866.
  16. Finney HousePioneer House (1983)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 7657 Mt. Eaton Rd. in Marshallville, was built in 1871.
  17. Dr. McMillan/Auble HousePioneer House (1977)-located on the corner of W. Market & N. Vine streets, was built in the mid-to-late 1870s by Dr. McMillan, Orrville’s first doctor.
  18. Robinson HousePioneer House (2012)-located at 7701 Deerfield Avenue NW on the east edge of Wayne County in Navarre, this 1 ½ story home was built in 1840.
  19. Bisesi HousePioneer House (2007)-located at 735 S. Main St., Orrville, Ohio. Built in 1906. Retains original woodwork. Grounds include carriage-style garage with hay loft.
  20. Perilstein-Saurers HousePioneer House (2008)-located at 511 W. Market St., Orrville. Built in 1908 by Fred Winkler, who ran a local horse auction. For many years, was occupied by the Perilstein family, owners of a dry goods store where Brown’s Furniture is now located. Home retains many original features including light fixtures, beautiful oak woodwork and ceiling beams, as well as built in china cabinet, display cases, and benches. Has leaded glass windows and a newel-post gas lamp.
  21. Homer Martin HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Church Rd. in Baughman Twp. the log house was built in 1850 on land originally bought from the Virginia Military Academy.
  22. Buchwalter HouseCentury House (1985)-located at 1548 Dalton-Fox Lake Rd. Built for Jacob Buchwalter prior to 1868 and occupied by his direct descendants for more than 100 years. Fieldstone basement with brick floor. Original wood frame structure was 32’x32′ with a south wing 18’x20′.


  1. Academy AntiquesCounty Historical Landmark (1982)– 2-1/2 story wood frame building located at 27 N. Front St. in Burbank. Built before 1873. Has 7/8″ solid wood tongue and groove construction.
  2. Benjamin HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-Also known as the Marsh House, is located on the NW corner of public square in the village of Jackson on St.Rt. 3 south of Creston. Built in 1840 by Alonzo Benjamin.
  3. Stable Craft ShopCounty Historical Landmark (1982)-located at 123 S. Main St. in Creston. Built in 1873 in the style typical of an 1800’s downtown department store. 2nd floor was constructed as the area’s first skating rink (still in original condition). Also known as the John Smith House.
  4. Crane HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on St.Rt. 3 south of Creston in Canaaan Twp built by Zenas A. Crane in 1836.
  5. “Jake” Fetzer-Finney HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1978)-located on Co. Rd. 108 in Burbank. Jake was a tailor and farmer who prospered and built a large house in 1842. Remains substantially in its original condition.
  6. Fetzer HomeCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Twp. Rd. 108 east of Co.Rd. 51, built in 1869 by Daniel Bowman.
  7. Billman Homestead Bank BarnCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-homestead barn is located on east side of St.Rt. 83 about 1 mile south of Burbank and was reproted to be the longest barn in Wayne County at the time it was built about 1876.
  8. Pike Station InnCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-located at 127 S. Main St. in Creston. Odd-shaped 2-story brick building constructed in 1880. Only an outside staircase accesses the 2nd story.
  9. Wheeler HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Creston on N. Main St. built in 1883 by Jacob Wideman
  10. Hoisington InnPioneer House (1976)-located at the intersection of Rt. 604 & 51 in Canaan Twp. was built by John Hoisington in 1837 and dubbed the Windsor.
  11. Herbert Werstler HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2-story wood frame house located on Co. Rd. 178 in Creston was built in 1840.
  12. Lyle D. Kalina HousePioneer House(1991)-located at 276 Pine St. in Creston. Built in 1843. Brick basement floor and exposed wood beams on the 2nd floor.
  13. Meyer HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 151 N. Main St. Creston. Built in 1853. House features salt box hip roof, sandstone foundation blocks, and rounded porch on 2 sides.
  14. Wells HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 160 S. Main St. in Creston was built about 1865 by Nathan M. Wells a brick mason who was reported to be the youngest enlisted man from Wayne County during the Civil War.
  15. John&Emilene Dyer HousePioneer House (1991)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 148 N. Main St. in Creston. Built in the 1890’s and features hand-hewn beams, scroll work around the top of the house, porcelain doorknobs, and old light fixtures.
  16. Samuel Fuller HousePioneer House (1987)-located at 2677 E. Sterling Rd. in Creston. The 2-1/2 story wood frame house was built in 1870.
  17. Romich HousePioneer House (1976)-located in south part of Creston.
  18. James Dorland HousePioneer House (1978)-the 2-story wood frame Colonial house is located at 58 S. Front St. in Burbank and was built in 1873.
  19. Simon Alleman HousePioneer House (2002)-located at 2556 E. Easton Rd. in Creston. 2-story wood frame house built in 1875. Unique roof design with gables and gingerbread.
  20. Randall Billman HousePioneer House (1977)-located 1/2-mile S of Burbank on St.Rt.83. 2-story wood frame house built around 1876. Has hand-grained woodwork, large doorways, high ceilings, and large rooms.
  21. Cyrus Crane HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 416 S. Main St. in Creston. 2-story wood frame house built prior to 1873.
  22. Simon HousePioneer House (1982)-the 2-1/2-story wood frame house is located at 1454 E. Easton Rd. in Creston and was built in 1882.
  23. J.D. Fike HousePioneer House (1983)-the 9-room brick house located at 166 N. Main St. in Creston. Built in 1883. Original kitchen cupboards remain.
  24. Andrew Bixler & Clarence Hemming HousePioneer House (1992)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 12472 Oller Rd. in Creston was built in 1888.
  25. Fike West HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Twp. Rd. 108 being the 2nd house east of Rd. 51 in Canaan Twp. was the 12-room house was built during the Civil War period by John France for John Fike.
  26. Haskins HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Rd 51 north of Canaan Center was constructed of farm-fired brick and first inhabitant, F.N. Haskins a pioneer who brought Methodism religion to the area in 1857.
  27. Rugh HousePioneer House (1976)-located on St. Rt. 3 1/2 mile north of Hermanville in Canaan Twp. built around the Civil War period.
  28. Jacob&Catherine Sell HousePioneer House (1985)-located 1894 E. Sterling Rd. in Creston built between 1830-1840. The house features hand-hewns beams and an underground room in the basement.
  29. William Armstrong HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 83 first house south of Golden Corners in Canaan Twp. was built by Armstrong before 1860. It is of Greek revival design built of soft brick burned on the farm and has hand morticed double christian door and loperened woodwork.
  30. Burge HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 1876 W. Britton Rd. Built by Cy Young. Carved over the front door is “1878” the year the house was built.
  31. Koucky HousePioneer House (2013)-house located at 122 W. Easton Rd. was built in 1835. Original stone slab basement remains. Original house had 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor accessed by a ladder.
  32. Thomas & Hugh Armstrong HouseCentury House (2000)-located about 6 miles north of Wooster at 1639 Armstrong Rd. Built in 1900 by the afformentioned Armstrongs. The original part of the house contained 4 rooms with a porch on a stone wall foundation and the roofing material was metal. In 1948 a back section was added to the house.
  33. Billman-Snyder HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co.Rd 178 in Canaan Twp. owned by at least six generations of the John Billman family is a Western Reserve type house built in the 1840s.
  34. Robert C. Cochrell HouseCentury House (1977)-located half-mile E. of St.Rt. 83 on Co.Rd. 178 near Burbank. Built about 1840.
  35. Hoisington HouseCentury House (1976)-located at NW corner of intersection of Rt 108 & 51 in Canaan Twp. the house was built on land grant from President James Monroe in 1821 in which members of the Hoisington family walked from Vermont to claim. The house was built in 1846 and at least six generations of the family have lived here.
  36. Irvin HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 48 1/2 mile east of Rt. 83 in Canaan Twp. the north part of house is 30ftX20ft log house built about 1830, the south part of house 30ftX62ft was added about 1854.
  37. Metz HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Friendsville Rd. in Canaan Twp. Samuel Metz bought the 41 acre farm and house from George Devinney on April 9, 1870.
  38. John Parmenter HouseCentury House (1984)-the 1-1/2-story wood frame house built between 1839 and 1840 and located on Parmenter Rd. in Burbank. Always painted red and has original fireplace.
  39. George Sommers HouseCentury House (2000)-located about 6 miles north of Wooster at 1777 Armstrong Rd. The large 2-story brick home with 10-rooms and porches on three sides was erected about 1850 by George Sommers its first occupant. The foundation is of brick and stone. The original cistern is still on the property. Originally the home had four chimneys but only one remains.
  40. Stratton HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co. Rd. 347 1/2 mile north of Rt. 604 in Canaan Twp. built by Daniel Stratton in 1860.
  41. Wiles HouseCentury House (1976)-located on west side of Friendsville Rd. the original part of home is of log and plank construction.


  1. Bethel United Methodist ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 2450 N Firestone Rd., built and dedicated on Dec. 25, 1851. Bell tower added on Oct. 27, 1872.
  2. New Pittsburgh InnCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on St.Rt. 250 eight miles west of Wooster, records indicate it was in operation as a stagecoach stop and inn as early as 1856.
  3. Carriage House & TavernCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-located at 9529 Ashland Rd. in New Pittsburg was built in 1860. The building features a deep stone foundation and 4X4 studs used in the frame construction.
  4. Russel J. McConahay HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 3587 Crater Rd. near Overton. Built in 1827 this house features post and beam construction.
  5. Bowman HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Lattasburg on Co.Rd. 413 in Chester Twp. The original house was built in 1830, a small addition added in 1835 by Chris Martin.
  6. Fair HousePioneer House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 250 in Chester Twp. The brick walls are 12-inches thick from basement to attic and the house is believed to have been built between 1837-1839.
  7. Spotts HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 1084 N. Elyria Rd. outside of Wooster was built in 1846. Has original fireplace, hitching rail, and 18” deep window wells.
  8. Chance HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 9648 Ashland Rd. in New Pittburgs built in 1853.
  9. Meyers HousePioneer House (1976)-located in Chester Twp. on Rd. 319 east of Lattasburg. Built about 1855 by Charles Rickard in Western Reserve architectural style. Distinguishing French windows with shutters.
  10. C.E. Weikel HousePioneer House (1977)-located north of Reedsburg on Rural Route 85 was built in 1856.
  11. Hiner HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Co.Rd 140, 1/2 mile east of New Pittsburgh. It was built in 1858 from 18-inch stones quarried on the farm by Dan Hiner.
  12. Saif HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the east side of Co.Rd. 22 just north of the intersection with Rt. 154 near West Salem. The 2-story soft-brick house built in 1869. Stone lintels above and below windows and gingerbread trim on front porch.
  13. Batdorf HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the east side of Twp. Rd. 36 south of St.Rt. 302 in Chester Twp. Daniel Painter was the first owner of the house and it is believed to have been built before 1871.
  14. John Garver HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 8259 Gable Rd. Built in 1873, the 2-story wood frame house features 4 gable ends and a slate roof.
  15. Ralph&Rosemary Edgar HousePioneer House (1987)-located at 2207 Jentes Rd. the 2-story log house outside of Wooster was built in 1873.
  16. Mrs. Hochstetler HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 9971 Homan Rd. near West Salem was built in 1880. Features very ornate woodwork and 2 marble fireplaces.
  17. Esther E. Franks HousePioneer House (1983)-located at 5108 Lehr Rd. outside of Wooster was built in 1881 and was reported to be the home of the Squire of Chester Twp.
  18. John&Sarah Jacobs HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 10271 Lattasburg Rd. near West Salem was built in 1884.
  19. Pine Crest HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 9683 Ashland Rd. in New Pittsburg. The 2-story wood frame house was built in 1885.
  20. Rutt HousePioneer House (1976)-located in Chester Twp. on the east side of Rd. 539 second house south of 154, was built before the 1870s, a garage has a framing timber with “1859″ inscribed on it.
  21. Chester Firestone HouseCentury House (1976)-located on the south side of Rd. 86 1/2 mile east of the Holmes Co. line, has been in the Firestone family since 1831 when John Firestone bought it.
  22. John Firestone HouseCentury House (1976)-located on the east side of Co.Rd. 149 near St.Rt. 250 in Chester Twp. The house was built well before 1863 and has been in the Firestone family since they purchased the farm from John Martin in 1863.


  1. Zimmerman Octagon HouseNational Historic Landmark (1975)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-built in 1883 by E.B. Zimmerman. Located on St.Rt. 57 less than 1⁄4-mile S. of 585. The 8-sided 3-story red brick home in tradition of Orson Flower and tending toward Steamboat Gothic type of Victorian architecture. 8-sided cupola with arched window on each side.
  2. Chidester Woolen MillCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-Samuel Chidester built the woolen mill in 1828 on the banks of Silver Creek.
  3. Alexander Wood HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Rogues Hollow along Hametwon Rd.and built by Alexander Wood in 1840, who also built and ran a nearby grist mill.
  4. Slanker HotelCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-formerly known as the Slankerville Hotel was built before 1842 by Jacob Slanker who operated it during pioneer times. The town of Slankerville changed its name to Easton in 1853.
  5. Boak HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on southern end of Rogues Hollow, was built by Joseph Brown by 1845.
  6. Mike Walsh HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Rogues Hollow at the junction of of Clinton and Hametown roads was built by Frank Herwich in 1855 to house his office for the Harwick Coal Mine, a saloon and restaurant.
  7. Huffman BuildingCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Doylestown at SE corner of Portage and Clinton streets, built by contractor D.F. Huffman in 1896 and is the oldest building in Doylestown.
  8. Camron HotelCounty Historical Landmark (2005)-Built in 1897. Located at 28 E. Clinton St., Doylestown. 3-story Victorian with 5 gables and 15 wood-framed stained glass windows. Has original unpainted oak woodwork, staircases, and pocket doors.
  9. Morton Salt PlantCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Salt St. in Rittman. Wayne Salt Company founded in 1897 by E.J. Young. Became the Ohio Salt Company and later the Morton Salt Company.
  10. Reuben Winsch HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 292 N. Portage St. in Doylestown; a 2-1/2 story Victorian style wood frame house built in 1880.
  11. Carpenter-Slate-Seaver HousePioneer House (1992)-located at 401 High St in Doylestown. The 2-story home with sharply pitched roof and riginal windows and working shutters was built in 1889.
  12. Hughes HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 105 E. Clinton St. in Doylestown. The original log house 14X14ft was on the property in 1812. The house was enlarged to it’s present size by 1873.
  13. Rogers HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 18172 Galehouse Rd. Log house covered in siding. On the north wall, “1820 Edwards” is chiseled. Tradition says that Roy Rogers, famed cowboy star, visited his Grandmother Rogers here.
  14. Daniel Huffman HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 17175 Galehouse Rd. less than 1/4-mile from Rogues Hollow. Daniel Huffman came to Wayne Co. from Basle, Switzerlandin 1815 and built the house in 1832.
  15. Henry & Katherine Etling Brick HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Coal Bank Rd. Built in 1852. Original window sashes and doors. 16in solid brick walls. Deed signed by President James Monroe.
  16. Browning HousePioneer House (1993)-located at 17629 Galehouse Rd. was built in 1853.
  17. Fritzinger HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 17629 Galehouse Rd. Built by J.G. Fritzinger before 1856.
  18. Sam Galehouse HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 15469 Warwick Rd which is the SW corner of roads 116 and 95 in Chippewa Twp. The old brick house was built by Sam Galehouse before 1830.
  19. Cihlar HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 972 Clinton Rd. Originally a one-room log house built by John and Lena Smith about 1860. When the Cihlar family bought it additional rooms were added as the family grew.
  20. D.V. Huffman House #1Pioneer House (1976)-located at 257 Church St. in Doylestown, the brick house was built sometime between 1873-1875 and originally had 10 rooms with 10ft ceiling downstairs and 9ft ceilings upstairs.
  21. D.V. Huffman House #2Pioneer House (1976)-located at 325 Church St. in Doylestown, was built in the 1860s and had 10ft ceilings and 12-inch baseboards along with fancy doors and frames.
  22. George Howey FarmPioneer House (1977)-located at 13000 Pleasant Home Rd. in Marshallville. Squared timber 2-story house with mortise and tenon construction. Barn also on property.
  23. John Seiberling HousePioneer House (1977)-a 2-story wood frame building located at 65 Gates St. in Doylestown built in 1861 as the office for the Excelsior Mower Co. It became a home residence in 1904 after a fire destroyed the factory.
  24. Chester Kieffaber HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Co.Rd. 27 just west of the Marshallville corporation limit. It was built about 1867.
  25. Watts HousePioneer House (1976)-also known as the Seldom Rest Acres is located 3.5 miles south of Wadsworth at 14582 Mt. Eaton Rd. It was built by Michael Gertsenschlager in 1867 entirely of logs with stone walls in the basement.
  26. David Holvey HousePioneer House (1977)-a 2-story brick house built in 1868 and located at 105 S. Portage St. in Doylestown.
  27. Holvey-Weinsheimer HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2-story wood-frame house located at 236 Church St. in Doylestown. Home built around 1870. Two front doors with skeleton keyholes in fancy ironwork, crown moulding, 12″ pine and oak floorboards, and sandstone basement walls. Behind the house is a shed covering a well.
  28. Smitt HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2 1/2 story brick house located at 485 S. Portage St. in Doylestown built in 1868 by Harvey Dohner.
  29. D.V. Huffman HousePioneer House (1978)-built in 1870. Located at 357 Church St in Doylestown. Dirt floor in basement. Original glass in windows on lst floor. Enamel door knobs.
  30. Newton HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2 1/2 story brick house located at 425 N. Portage St. in Doylestown that was built in 1870.
  31. Robert Lytle HousePioneer House (1977)-built before 1870. Located at 13166 Fulton Rd. 2-story wood house with slate roof.
  32. Youngker (Allard) HousePioneer House (1977)-located at 13483 Hametown Rd. in Doylestown. Square brick house was built in 1872 with 3 windows on each side. “C Youngker, 1872” carved in stone above the front door.
  33. Doyle A. Chisnell HousePioneer House (1984)-an Italianate style 2-story wood frame house located at 400 E. Clinton St. in Doylestown; built by H.C. Galehouse in 1873.
  34. Merle A. Hoff HousePioneer House (1978)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 393 Church St. in Doylestown that was built by Joseph Collier prior to 1873.
  35. Olin M. Bleichrodt HousePioneer House (1983)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 25 N. Portage St. in Doylestown that was built in 1883.
  36. W.R. Wilson HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 16328 Galehouse Rd. in Doylestown. House was built between 1832-1835 and has 3 rooms down and 2 up and features hewn logs for floor beams.
  37. Hershey HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 13939 Doylestown Rd. about 2.5 miles east of Rittman at Mill Creek. Built between 1850-1855 by Benjamin and Susanna Hershey. It is of the Greek Revival architectural style with center halls on both floors with open stairway.
  38. Musgrave HousePioneer House (1978)-a log and frame 2-story house located at 1560 S. Portage St. in Easton. Built prior to 1873.
  39. B.F. Fink HousePioneer House (1977)-located at 13166 Fulton Rd. just west of Marshallville; built around 1870 as it appears on 1873 map.
  40. Hatfield HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 13544 Hatfield Rd. has a deed dated April 7, 1829 and has been in the Hatfield family ever since.
  41. Whitman HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 15261 Moine Rd and St.Rt. 585 just west of Doylestown. The 9-room house was built in 1832 by George Whitman and Frederick Galehouse from bricks and timbers made on the farm.
  42. Raymond Butzer HouseCentury House (1977)-a 1&1/2 story brick house located on Rd. 27 1/4-mile east of Marshallville that was built prior to 1849.
  43. David Galehouse HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 11762 Coal Band Rd. on the 200-acre Valley Farm. David Galehouse and sons built the brick house before 1850 and the home featured 7 fireplaces, 3 of which were located in the basement.
  44. William & Abigail Etling HouseCentury House (1976)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 9467 Coal Bank Rd. built in 1852. Owned by 4 generations of Etlings.
  45. Stoll HouseCentury House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 548 on the north edge of Marshallville. It was built by Jacob Stoll of stone quarried on the farm in 1858 with the walls being 22″ thick. The year is marked in a stone on the house and has been the home of at least six generations of the Stoll family.
  46. St. Peter & Paul’s ParsonageCentury House (1976)-located at 161 W. Clinton St. in Doylestown, was built in 1866 by the Parish with an addition added in 1922.
  47. Bauman HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 13863 Hatfield Rd. 1-mile east of St.Rt. 57, south of Rt. 70, was built about 1870 by Jacob Bauman.
  48. Tawney HouseCentury House (1976)-located on a farm lane running east from Rd. 133. It was built by John Tawney before 1870 and has housed at least five generations of the family.
  49. Abe&Addie Etling HouseCentury House (1976)-a 2-story wood frame house located on the NW corner of 95 and Twp. Rd. 48 in Marshallville; built in 1875.


  1. Eddy InnCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Clinton Twp. near Craigton built in 1830 by Judge Abner Eddy. Operated as inn until about 1852. Among the guests was Henry Clay. Failed to thrive after opening of railroads.
  2. Shreve Christian ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (2003)-located at 500 N. Market St. in Shreve was built in 1903. A 3-story red brick building with gable, bell tower, cross, and stained glass windows.
  3. (One-Room) 1st School in ShreveCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-located at 276 Jones St. in Shreve and was built in 1855.
  4. Charles H. Porter HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2-story wood frame house with exterior siding that is 1⁄2″X6″ black walnut located at 180 S. Main St. in Shreve built in 1850. Once housed a grocery store circa 1860.
  5. Charles&Betty Dougherty HousePioneer House (1984)-a 2-story brick house located at 260 N. Market St. in Shreve that was built in 1857. Original red glass front door, built-in desk, grained woodwork in one bedroom, wide flooring upstairs.
  6. Oldroyd HousePioneer House (1984)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 8179 S. Jefferson Rd. in Shreve that was built in 1860. Ten ft. ceilings and 8 ft. doors on lst floor. Circular staircase.
  7. John Jones HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 138 near Critchfield Rd. Built before 1870 and originally owned by Clark B. Way. Large 2-story home in Early Victorian style. Original floors, walnut woodwork, and glass windows.
  8. Taylor-Piper HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd 8 about 1.5 miles east of Shreve. Built around 1870 with cut-stone foundation. Foundation of spring house was originally part of an old distillery. 2nd owner, Thomas Taylor, was aMexican War volunteer who joined Sidle party that went to the California gold rush in 1849.
  9. Dr. Wm. J. Bertolette HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 203 E. Wood in Shreve was once a 1-room house when built in 1873 that became a 2-story wood frame house with additions over the years.
  10. Old Kister HousePioneer House (1978)-a 2-story wood frame house located on Co.Rd. 228 in Millbrook that was built prior to 1873. Features chiseled stone foundation.
  11. Gwin HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 104 in Clinton Twp. the first farm north of Newkirk Church on the right. It was built between 1874-1875 and had 10-rooms with ceilings 10.5ft high with center frescoes in 3 rooms and doors that were 8.5ft high.
  12. McConkey HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 8 east of Shreve, was built in 1874 by Mahala McConkey. The house is listed on p.220 in the book, Picturesque Wayne, under the name Mary E. Burnett who bought the house in 1891.
  13. Esselburn HousePioneer House (1987)-2-story wood frame house with hand-hewn beams located at 8095 Snoddy Rd. in Shreve. Built about 1883.
  14. Lindenmeyer (George D. Young) HousePioneer House (1994)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 240 N. Prospect St. in Shreve built by George D. Young in 1889. Features wood sculptures around windows and woodwork in house.
  15. Roger&Marilyn Wells HousePioneer House (2002)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 190 W. Robinson in Shreve built in 1897 by E. D. Pocock.
  16. Smedley HousePioneer House (2012)-a 1&1/2 story wood frame house that features post and beam construction located at 8152 Millbrook Rd. in Shreve that was built in 1875.
  17. Mrs. Irene Wachtel HouseCentury House (1977)-located at 198 E. Robinson in Shreve built around 1854 and had been in the same family since 1866.
  18. Scruby HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 104 east of Big Prairie on St.Rt. 226 in Clinton Twp. The house was built between 1870-1873 by George Scruby.
  19. Marvin G. Brown HouseCentury House (1984)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 103 S. Main St. in Shreve built by member of Bedford family in 1875. Two bay windows. Leaded glass in several cupboards. Home of Grandma (Villa) Brown for at least 97 years.


  1. DeerLick FarmNational Historic Landmark (1986)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located 2 miles east of West Salem on Britton Rd. is a 22-room house in High Gothic Victorian style and a sizable barn built by James F. Britton in 1874. James went to California during gold rush days and later to Chile where he was a mining and civil engineer superintending excavations of guano, which was sold for fertilizer. All buildings restored by Karl Schuele.
  2. Wyckoff HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-the 2-story brick house built in 1835 by the Simon Ewing family. Simon Ewing was the 1st white child born in Congress Twp. Solid stone foundation. Basement used in underground railway system.
  3. Howey HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located at SE corner of Co.Rd. 48 and Congress Twp. Rd. 22 the native sandstone house was built about 1840 by John Howey on original land grant to the Howey family by the U.S. govt. Features 2 stone fireplaces at each end of house. Wide plank flooring. Tongue-in-groove paneling in upstairs rooms.
  4. West Salem Masonic TempleCounty Historical Landmark (1980)-built in 1873 and located on N. Main St. in West Salem. Designed by William K. Shilling, a native son who later became famous for his public building designs.
  5. West Salem High School BuildingCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-located on E Buckeye St. a brick and stone school built in 1874 that saw its first class of graduates in 1877. Originally called an academy and contained both grade and high school students. Served as a High School through 1951; since that time, used as a grade school.
  6. Pleasant Home Octagon HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Pleasant Home Rd. at intersection of St.Rt. 604 and Co.Rd. 48 about 3 miles south of West Salem, built by Calvin Harbaugh in 1883. Frame construction with central staircase.
  7. West Salem Village HallCounty Historical Landmark (1982)-built in 1899 on S. Main St. a red brick building designed by renowned architect William K. Shilling whic served as a center of cultural, educational, and musical entertainment for area surrounding West Salem. Features a winding staircase with ornate carvings that leads to opera hall and balcony. Stage curtain, painted by Armbruster of Columbus, depicts river and sail boats.
  8. John Campbell HousePioneer House (1976)-located at the SW corner of Co.Rd. 48 and 124 in Congress Twp. was built of hand-hewn beams around 1850 by John Wasson.
  9. Karl R. Schuele HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of Rt. 232 south of 178, in Congress Twp. The house, made of hewn timbers and split studdings, was built in 1840 by James Carse, who had bought the land from the U.S. Government in 1823.
  10. Kiser HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Congress Twp. Rd. 125 the house is made of hand-hewn logs and measures approximately 20ftX37ft. Built prior to 1856.
  11. Matt Kramer HousePioneer House (1982)-a 1-1/2 story wood frame house with hand-hewn beams on a sandstone foundation located at 14164 Burbank Rd. in Burbank built prior to 1860.
  12. Finley HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 178 two miles from West Salem. The year 1862 is chiseled on the east side of the front porch.
  13. Congress General StorePioneer House (1978)-a store with residence attached located at the corner of St.Rt. 604 and 539 built about 1873.
  14. David Martin HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Twp.Rd. 59 one mile west of St.Rt. 83 in Congress Twp., was built in 1873 from wooden beams cut from the farm by David Martin.
  15. David Olderman HousePioneer House (1980)-a 2-story wood frame house in the Greek Revival style located at 13944 Franchester Rd. in West Salem built before 1873.
  16. Eicher (Monitree Farm)Pioneer House (1982)-a 2-story wood frame house built in 1873 that shows the words, “built by Saltzman”, on the house.
  17. Electa Wells HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 126 North Main St. in West Salem. It is believed to have been built by John G. Ford for Electa Wells and is shown on the 1873 map. It features squared beams in the basement, bark-covered joists in the attic, and wide plank floors.
  18. Felger HousePioneer House (1976)-located one mile north of West Salem on east side of Rd. 301 in Congress Twp. It was built by Phillip Felger, well-known gunsmith who worked in the home and is shown on the 1873 map.
  19. John Jr. Yoder HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 8820 Camp Rd. in West Salem a 2-story wood frame house built by John McVicker in 1873 with stone foundation, 6 hand-hewn T-shaped beams: 1 at each corner and 2 at center.
  20. Lemon HousePioneer House (1982)-2-story brick house located near Hazard Cemetery at 11211 Wiley Rd. in West Salem was built before 1873.
  21. Morrison HousePioneer House (1976)-built prior to 1873 a 2-story wood frame house with slate roof located on east side of St.Rt. 42 south of West Salem. Outside door for each of 4 rooms on lst floor.
  22. P.D. Campbell HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 539 just south of Congress village, this log house is shown on the 1873 map.
  23. Pope HousePioneer House (1982)-a 2-story wood frame house that features chair-rails in every room, black walnut woodwork, walnut siding, hewn beams, and chestnut studs. Built before 1873 at 11140 Rainbow Highway, West Salem.
  24. Schaefer HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 11091 W Easton Rd. in West Salem. 2-story wood frame house with hand-hewn beams and fieldstone basement. Built before 1873.
  25. Stich HousePioneer House (1978)-located on Twp.Rd. 160 1⁄4 mi E of SR 401. 2&1/2 story wood frame house built before 1873. Victorian-style interior window and door frames, sandstone block foundation, 2 black marble fireplaces, 13 rooms, square nails used throughout.
  26. Toth HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 80 Lincoln St. in West Salem is a 2-story house built built in 1873 that features log beams with bark still intact and are held together with wood pegs. Sandstone block foundation.
  27. Waldo Cook FarmPioneer House (1982)-a 1&1/2 story wood frame house built in 1873 by Michael Clouse located at 11054 Congress Rd., West Salem.
  28. Wayne H. Miller HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 3727 W. Britton Rd., Burbank is a 2&1/2 story wood frame house constructed with wood pegs on a sandstone foundation built before 1873.
  29. Elsa’s HomesteadPioneer House (1985)-located at 12777 Franchester Rd., West Salem is a Colonial style 2-story wood frame house built in 1875. Housed a grocery store for several decades.
  30. Moss HousePioneer House (1977)-located on Klein Rd. in West Salem. Currently a 2-story wood frame house which incorporates three walls from the original log building. Log structure built before 1873.
  31. Swartz HousePioneer House (1982)-located at 4636 W. Salem Rd., Burbank. 2-story wood frame house. Hewn beam and plank doors with lift latches. Built before 1873. Written in pencil under the steps are the words “New section: E.A. Gerberich, Builder Wayne County Burbank, Ohio 1888.”
  32. Zeno Haley FarmPioneer House (1982)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 14018 Stratton Rd., West Salem was built in 1892 along with a big white barn. The property had been in Haley family since 1917.
  33. Boss HousePioneer House (1997)-built in 1895 a 2-story wood frame house with brick front and porches. Located at 13655 Gearhart Rd., Burbank.
  34. Saffles HousePioneer House (1995)-located at 13126 Gearhart Rd., Burbank is a 2-story wood frame house and barn with slate roof showing it was built in 1895. 1st owner was George Yost.
  35. Thomas Gibbons HousePioneer House (1978)-located on Rt. 1 in West Salem. 2-story wood frame house. 1st owner was W.G Kinney. Built in 1897 using hand-hewn beams secured with square nails and wide oak plank flooring. Features walnut woodwork and wainscoting. All timber gets larger and thicker as it progresses to the roof.
  36. Earl Dale & Mona Forbes HousePioneer House (1979)-Original part of house built with logs located on Twp.Rd. 22 in West Salem built before 1873 as it appears on Caldwell’s 1873 map.
  37. Yocum HousePioneer House (2016)-located at 7977 W. Pleasant Home Rd. House built in Western Reserve style with balloon framing on land purchased in 1876 by Henry Yocum, a Civil War veteran. The home was built in 1889 by Paul Martin.
  38. Robert W. Ewing HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 377, second house on the south side from St.Rt. 83 in Congress Twp. The house containing 20-rooms, was built in 1827 by James Ewing and has been in Ewing family ever since.
  39. Sechrist HouseCentury House (1976)-located on the east side of Rt. 301, 1.5 miles north of Pleasant Home. The house was built by Jacob Sechrist before 1850 possibly by Isaac Taylor or Jacob Sussnah. At least 4 generations of the Sechrist family lived on the property from 1850-1969.
  40. Alexander Ewing HouseCentury House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 539 about 1.5 miles south of Congress Village. The house was built in 1853 and is a Western Reserve architectural style. It has two fireplaces and finishing lumber including black walnut doors was brought from Elyria by a yoke of oxen and wagon. It has been the home to at least five generations of Ewing’s descendents.
  41. Hines HouseCentury House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 301 in Congress Twp. north of West Salem was built in 1862 for Cindy Hines Harbaugh. It is made of six-inch studded walls with brick laid between the studding allowing 2-inch air space next to the lathe.
  42. Palmer HouseCentury House (1984)-located at 8077 Palmer Rd, West Salem. 2&1⁄2-story wood frame house with original slate roof. Built around 1884 on flat-stone foundation. Occupied by same family since construction.


  1. East Union Lutheran ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1989)-a wood frame church with steeple located at 7109 E. Lincoln Way Rd built in 1838.
  2. St. Peter’s United Church of ChristCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-completed in 1870. Located on Main St. in Apple Creek. Gothic red-brick structure. Bricks were made on the premises. High vaulted timber construction is now hidden by a lower plaster ceiling.
  3. Apple Creek Grange HallCounty Historical Landmark (1988)-located at 76 Grange St. built in 1879 with 2 floors with sand between to provide sound proofing for dancing. 13ft 6in ceilings upstairs. Hand-hewn stone in basement. Arched windows with hand- carved cornices featuring tulips.
  4. Emerson Bank Barn-County Historical Landmark (1977)-located on Rd. 79 south of Apple Creek. Built by John Preston Emerson by 1878. Extremely heavy rafters. Excellent example of Bank Barn. Unaltered.
  5. (Former) Edinburgh AcademyCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-built in 1843 as an education center. After the Civil War the building was used as a Presbyterian Manse for many years. More info found here.
  6. Emerson HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 79 in E. Union Twp. south of Apple Creek was built in 1850 but retains many features of the original dwelling built in 1818: exposed ceiling timbers, restored fireplace, open staircase. John P. Emerson bought the house and farm in 1878. The barn on the property is also a landmark: see Emerson Bank Barn above.
  7. Flory HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 9240 Emerson Rd. a 2-story wood frame house built in 1840. Mud- straw outside walls. Barn built the same year.
  8. Jacot HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 142 in E. Union Twp. Construction of a large two-story house by Noah Brown was started in 1845. However, before it was completed two of his small children accidentally set fire to the structure and it burnt down killing the children. Brown immediately constructed the building we still see today. Some of the charred beams from the original house were used in the cellar. Julius Jacot bought it from Brown family heirs in 1898.
  9. Purvis HousePioneer House (1976)-located on E. Lincoln Way opposite the Post Script Motel in Apple Creek. In 1856 a log house owned by Jacob and Catherine Swinehart stood; this is now the living room of the more modern home.
  10. Andrew Millbourn HousePioneer House (1977)– a 2-story wood frame house located at 8799 E. Lincoln Way. Built before 1873. Christian Church or Church of Christ started on the front porch.
  11. Musselman HousePioneer House (1993)-built in 1873 at 178 W Main St in Apple Creek. Grains of sand visible in window glass.
  12. Richwine HousePioneer House (1976)-located along St.Rt. 30 east of Wooster in E. Union Twp. had been used as an Inn by John Houpert who rented the house and operated an inn. It was built sometime before the 1873 map was printed. Succession of land owners started with Robert Buckley in 1815.
  13. Cutter HousePioneer House (1984)-2-story wood frame house located at 4886 Cutter Road was built in 1884. Spring-fed water available in basement.
  14. Log House-Civil War EraPioneer House (1976)-Built sometime in the early 1860s. Additional information not available at this time.
  15. Babb-Steele HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Bechtel Rd. in E. Union Twp. The house originally built from hand-hewn logs was erected in the early 1840s for Jacob Steele who bought the 177 acres from the U.S. government in 1819.
  16. Ash HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 84 in E. Union Twp., was built well before the 1850s as it is shown on the 1856 map. S.B. Firestone sold the house to George Bean, the maternal grandfather of the owner in 1976, Mrs. Eva (Reed) Ash.
  17. Howell Davies HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 54 in E. Union Twp. bordering on Franklin Twp. The brick house was built before 1870 and it’s first owners were listed as William and James Cunningham.
  18. Lyle&Barbara Amiet HouseCentury House (1976)-Built in 1819 by Bazalell Tracey on the south side of U.S. 250 2-miles east of Apple Creek just before Fountain Nook Rd.
  19. Samuel Swinehart HouseCentury House (1976)-located along U.S.30 six miles east of Wooster in E. Union Twp., was built in 1845. Samuel Swinehart bought the house and farm in 1865 and at least five generations of Swineharts have farmed the land.
  20. Smith HouseCentury House (1984)-located at 5857 Dover Rd. 2-story wood frame house originally constructed in 1855 has 14 rooms, 2 stairways, and full basement with stone walls. Two additions have been added since original house was built. 1815 land grant.
  21. William C. Orr HouseCentury House (1976)-located 2 miles NE of Apple Creek on Co.Rd. 158 in E. Union Twp. William C. Orr bought the land in 1868, built the house, and his descendents have lived here ever since.
  22. Ervin Hodge HouseCentury House (1982)-located at 100 E Lincoln Way on what was once known as Richwine Hill. 2-story log home with kitchen and bedroom added in about 1860. Ervin Hodge was named for his maternal grandfather, Ervin A. Richwine.


  1. Moreland Methodist ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Moreland, built in 1863.
  2. Thomas Taylor HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Rd. 8 and County Line 1, about 2.5 miles east of Shreve in Franklin Twp. Thomas Taylor bought the land in 1832 and became a 49′er who went to California during the great gold rush. When he returned to Wayne Co. in 1850 he built the house. Descendents of the Taylor family lived in the house for 129 years until it was sold to outsiders in 1961.
  3. Adam Geitgey HousePioneer House (1977)-located at the corner of 167 and 501. Large brick home (probably made from clay dug on site) originally intended to be an inn. Built in 1837.
  4. Freeman HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Twp.Rd. 92. The house was built by Jacob Herman of stone quarried 1/2 mile away and has five fireplaces. A corner stone shows the date of June 1838.
  5. Stam HomesteadPioneer House (no date)-2-story home built in 1839 located on E. Clark Rd. Property also has an 1834 barn.
  6. Greg D. Tieche HousePioneer House (1983)-a 2-story log home built in 1843 on E. Messner Rd.
  7. Snyder FarmPioneer House (1994)-a distinguished farm house in its day. Built for Samuel Schmuck prior to 1873 on Dover Rd. Now owned by the OARDC and used as a center for research in plant pathology.
  8. Andrew Weaver HousePioneer House (1984)built about 1860 on E. Clark Rd. 2-story soft red brick home with stone foundation and elaborate woodwork.
  9. Schnell HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Rd. 54 about 2 miles west of Apple Creek in Franklin Twp. It was built by John Deer who lived on the farm from 1854 to 1905. A mark on a plastered wall indicates the house was built in 1863.
  10. Joseph Armstrong HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the south side of Co.Rd. 159, third farm house from Co.Rd. 501 in Franklin Twp. Joseph and Martha Armstrong were married in 1869 and lived in a log house while their house was being built.
  11. Gerald Strock HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co. Rd. 77. is a 2-story frame house built in 1870.
  12. Stephen Harrison HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 2 about 1.5 miles west of Fredericksburg in Franklin Twp. The land was purchased by John G. Harrison Sr. in 1860 and the large red brick house was built by his son, Stephen Harrison, in 1871. A striking feature of the house is an interior curving stairway.
  13. Fry HousePioneer House (1986)-a 1-story frame house built in 1873 on S. Honeytown Rd.
  14. Isaac Burnett HousePioneer House (1984)-built in 1874 on W.Moreland Rd. 2-story frame home with hand hewn timbers and hand-cut limestone in the basement.
  15. Rolling AcresPioneer House (1984)-the 2&1⁄2 story frame and stone structure located at 1315 E. Moreland Rd. was built before 1879. First owners were reported to be the Phebe brothers.
  16. Messner FarmPioneer House (1984)-built in 1884 a 1&1⁄2 story frame home.
  17. Yacapraro HousePioneer House (2001)-located on E. Tolbert Rd. a large 2-story frame home built in 1900.
  18. Paul Baker HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 77 in Franklin Twp. The 2-story stone and log house was built between 1830-1836 by D. Gabriel who bought the farm land from the U.S. government.
  19. James Clark HousePioneer House (1984)-frame and stone 2-story home built in 1870. Original 4 rooms remain unaltered.
  20. Morehead-Miller HousePioneer House(2006)-located at 8594 James Rd., Wooster, Ohio. Originally owned by Samuel Morehead and built on 1825 land grant signed by John Quincy Adams.
  21. Munson HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Munson Rd. Large house made of 2 ft thick sandstone. Built by Isaac Munson in 1816. Features 4 fireplaces, one of which is in the basement where the original kitchen was located; the other 3 were used to heat rooms. Has been in Munson family for at least 7 generations.
  22. The Munson’s HouseCentury House (1982)-built between 1827 and 1828 of sandstone, brick and wood, all from the property. Interior has hand-made black walnut molding. Located on James Road, County Road 90. Also an 1867 barn and the original springhouse.
  23. John Harrison HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Rd. 159 in Franklin Twp. Brick house built by John Harrison in 1836 from bricks and lime fired on the farm. At least 4 generations of the Harrison family have lived here.
  24. Laing-Dunham HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 90. Built by Will Sheeley for John Laing in 1863. The 160-acre farm has been in the Laing family since 1817. A kitchen and dining room were located in the basement with a large fireplace. Also in the basement is a stone-lined water well.
  25. Geitgey HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Fredericksburg Rd. 2 miles s of Guerne. Built by Lawrence Geiselman for John Geitgey in 1870 of timber cut on the farm. The house has 10 rooms and a slate roof. A cane press and evaporator were built on the property to make molasses. At least 3 generations of the Geitgey family lived in the house.
  26. Wirt HouseCentury House (2006)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 8229 Millersburg Rd. Built by Grover Wirt in 1903 for his parents, Edgar and Sarah Wirt; occupied by various Wirt descendants ever since.


  1. Barnet-Hoover OR Fike HouseNational Historic Landmark (1974)-Century House (1976)-located at 10470 Smucker Road. 1st log home in the township built in 1818. Now covered with lap siding to prevent deterioration. Land purchased from President James Monroe by William Stibbs, who sold it to William Barnet in 1818. Purchased by John Hoover in 1861 and occupied by the Hoover-Fike family for 114 years. Sold to Wayne College in 1970.
  2. Half Way HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-First settlement in Green Twp. built by the Ruble Bros. in 1830 used as an inn and stagecoach stop along St.Rt. 585.
  3. Judge Smith Orr HomesteadCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 365 W. Market St. in Orrville was built by Judge Smith Orr in 1854.
  4. Mishler Manufacturing CompanyCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-cotton cloth weaving business founded in Kidron in 1888 by John Mishler.
  5. First Church of GodCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 157 N. Milton St. in Smithville. Brick single-story building built in 1867 covered with stucco. 999-lb bell still in working order. Original rose windows. Oldest church in Smithville.
  6. Ladies HallCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on W. Main St. in Smithville built about 1878 served as a dormitory for students of the Smithville Normal School a well known educational academy in the early years.
  7. Peterman HousePioneer House (1983)-Moved twice. Now located at 5449 Fox Lake Rd. was built before 1870. Has quadra foil attic windows, slate roof, fancy rafter tails, gingerbread trim, oak floor in one room and red heart pine in rest.
  8. Roush HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 8447 Back Orrville Rd. in Green Twp. Peter Zook built the log house in 1820 and was measured at 29ftX29ft. Two additions and a porch were added at a later date. Before he became President, Dwight Eisenhower visited this house in 1910.
  9. Hostettler HousePioneer House (1976)-located one mile south of Smithville at 4056 Eby Rd. The farm-fired brick house was built between 1831-1832. It was reportedly the first house built in the area.
  10. Peter Amstutz HousePioneer House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 585 near the intersection with Co.Rd. 221. The original house was built of bricks by George Lesiure in 1831. It served as a tavern on Old Portage Rd. that ran between Akron and Wooster. Peter and Sarah Amstutz built the farm in 1858 with bricks fired on the property.
  11. Martin HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the south side of Fulton Rd. west of Egypt Rd. The year “1833” is carved in stone near the outside basement door. Abraham Feightner bought the land from the U.S. government in 1816 and built the stone house with 2ft thick walls in 1833.
  12. R&D GrovePioneer House (1988)-built in 1836 and located at 728 E. Main St. in Smithville a 2-story log structure with “1836” carved into a log.
  13. Blosser HousePioneer House (1984)-located at 2612 Paradise Rd. 2-story home with 2 full porches built in 1840.
  14. Christopher Craft HousePioneer House (1977)-Located at 389 N. Summit St. in Smithville. Built in 1850.
  15. Dye HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 1383 McQuaid Rd. Largest exposed log is 18in wide with horsehair plaster used between logs. Built in 1850.
  16. Jon&Diana Bernhardt HousePioneer House (1983)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 2749 E. Hutton Rd., Co.Rd. 78, was built between 1850 to 1865. Features double door on front of house, a 6ft square built in china cabinet in the dining room, exposed beams going up stairs, and an attic with floor.
  17. Zimmerly HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 6426 Chippewa Rd. in Orrville. Built in 1818 of hand-hewn logs. Ceiling logs still exposed. Original poplar paneling.
  18. Miller HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 122 W. Main St. in Smithville. The 2-story frame structure was used as a home, doll boutique, antique shop, lamp shop, real estate office, carpet and tile store, paint and wallpaper shop, and harness shop. Built in 1851 or 1872.
  19. Ammon HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 134 W. Main St. in Smithville. Built in 1853 as “1853” is chiseled in 8in numerals in the sandstone foundation.
  20. Weimer HousePioneer House (1983)-built in 1852. Original exposed beam ceiling with beaded floor joist. Mortise and tenon construction. Oak frame. Originally built on Honeytown Rd. and moved in 1972 to 5369 Fox Lake Rd.
  21. Thut HousePioneer House (1983)-located at 7883 Chippewa Rd. Cut stone foundation and hand-hewn timbers, mud-filled 8in walls with frame timbers; mortise and tenon joists built in 1856.
  22. Fred&Haley Forney HousePioneer House (1981)-house built in 1858 located at 216 E. Water St. in Orrville.
  23. Old Presbyterian ChurchPioneer House (1977)-2-story brick structure located at 300 N. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1860.
  24. Ronald E. Ault HousePioneer House (1982)-house located at 531 W. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1860. Handmade wrought iron trim on front of house. Solid copper roof on porches. Hand-carved walnut staircase, leaded windows.
  25. Harley Dale BlaughPioneer House (1993)-2-story log home built in 1867 located at 6822 Chippewa Rd.
  26. Harry FairPioneer House (1977)-located at 340 N. Summit St. in Smithville a 2-story brick home with 15 ft ceilings, tall and narrow windows, and an open curved stairway built before 1870.
  27. Hochstetler HousePioneer House (1984)-house located at 5621 Chippewa Rd. has hand-hewn stone foundation and was built prior to 1870.
  28. Kauffman HousePioneer House (1984)-house located at 1687 Eby Rd. was built in 1870.
  29. Orrville Train DepotPioneer House (1977)-built in early 1870’s on Depot St. has unusual bent L-shaped building.
  30. Schantz HousePioneer House (1977)-house located at 635 Main St. in Orrville was built about 1875 by Abraham Schantz, founder of Schantz Organ Company, with unusual roof and eaves treatment.
  31. J.W. Stoansbury HousePioneer House (1977)-a 2-story brick home at 425 S. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1875 by John Saurer.
  32. James Weideman HousePioneer House (1977)-house located at 366 W. Main St. in Smithville built before 1873 has 2nd floor walls lined with brick between studs.
  33. Anderson HousePioneer House (1983)-brick house located at 6693 E. Hutton Rd. was built in 1882 from bricks made on site.
  34. Original Christian Miller HousePioneer House (1987)-Built in 1882 in Smithville. Wood frame 2-story Victorian-style home with gingerbread trim around windows and gables.
  35. Lautenheizer HousePioneer House (1983)-house located at 2917 Wayne St. in Orrville was built in 1883. Features rock and cement basement. Plaster walls with woodwork set into the plaster.
  36. Roger Ramseyer HousePioneer House (1987)-house built in 1884 located at 6456 Eby Rd. on Pleasant View Farm.
  37. Boville HousePioneer House (1994)-house at 2547 N. Millborne Rd. has “August A.D. 1895” engraved in foundation block. Features enclosed widow’s watch, ornate interior woodwork, and gingerbread trim outside.
  38. Naumoff HousePioneer House (1976)-Brick home built before 1879 at 11870 Fox Lake Rd. One original barn remains on the property.
  39. Winger HousePioneer House (1976)-located along the north side of Back Orrville Rd. The original log house measured 24ftX28ft was added in the 1860s for the married son’s family.
  40. Stutzman HousePioneer House (no date)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 8470 Five Points Rd., Smithville was built in 1866. First owners were Abraham&Catherine Stutzman.
  41. Zook HousePioneer House (1993)-house located at 1433 N. Apple Creek Rd. built in 1860 from the farm’s timber. Has black walnut woodwork and wainscoting, original chimney closets, boards with hooks instead of upstairs closets, a basement fruit cellar with gravel floor, and walls that are 2in thick planks.
  42. Elizabeth Smith HouseCentury House (1999)-the 2-story brick home located at 381 W. Main St. in Smithville was built in 1820.
  43. P. David Schrock HouseCentury House (1978)-Western Reserve style house located at 5547 Chippewa Rd. in Orrville was built in 1853. Features a porch across entire front and attached summer house. Original grandfather clock with hand painted face built into the living room wall.
  44. Bechtel-Orr HouseCentury House (1976)-house located at 1818 Orr Rd. was built in 1861 for Jacob Bechtel Jr. It is built of oak planks erected vertically. Jacob Bechtel Sr. bought the land from Michael Thomas in 1831, who bought it from the U.S. government in 1811. The farm was reportedly the first settlement in Green Twp.
  45. Smucker-Rohrer HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 502 south of the intersection with Rd. 29. Christian Smucker built the house in 1864, a year after the barn was built. At least five generations of the family have lived on the farm.
  46. Samuel Brenneman HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 519 S. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1871 for Samuel Brenneman using lumber cut from the Brenneman farm. The house is shown on p.127 in the book, Picturesque Wayne, as it appeared in 1899. At least 3 generations of the Brenneman family lived in the house.
  47. Ward Ramseyer HouseCentury House (1987)-located at 5906 Eby Rd. a 2-story brick home occupied by Ramseyers for more than 100 years was built prior to 1882.
  48. Burkholder HouseCentury House (2004)-large farmhouse with wrap-around front porch located at 8246 Smucker Rd. was built in 1889.
  49. Royer HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 6432 Chippewa Rd. about 4 miles west of Orrville. It is a 2-story Amish-type house with full porches in front and back. Royer bought the house in 1860 and at least four generations of his descendents have lived in the house.
  50. Kaufmann House100-Year-Old House (2015)–the 2-story home located at 534 S. Vine St., Orrville, was built in 1915. Features original hardwood floors and trim. Landscape includes over 300 bricks from the old Oak St. School.


  1. Old Knupp ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-this building was also known as the Church of Good Hope and is located in Rittman Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio. Built by pioneer settlers in 1817, restored by Rittman Historical Society.
  2. Ross HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Sterling on west side of Kauffman Ave. features Western Reserve architecture, built by Joseph Ross in 1856. Ross laid out the lots in Sterling, planted trees, and installed kerosene lights throughout the new town.
  3. John Gish HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-sturdy brick home with extensive porches and decorated gables located on Gish Rd. at NE edge of Rittman was built about 1862. Used as office of Gish Tobacco Company and personal home.
  4. Kiefer HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Yoder Rd. Jacob Kiefer built the house in 1821. It is the oldest house still standing in Milton Twp. and featured an outdoor bake oven. The Kiefer descendents lived in the house for more than 100 years but by 1976 had been sold out of the family.
  5. Jacob Gish HousePioneer House (1976)-located in the Gish Cemetery on Gish Rd. on the NE edge of Rittman was restored and moved in 1976 as a project of the Rittman Bicentennial Committee. The new location is the west part of the Pioneer Cemetery on Gish Rd. This house was built by Jacob Gish to replace the log house which he had built and lived in when he first came to Milton Twp. in 1831.
  6. Crystal Spring FarmPioneer House (1996)-located at 9381 Yoder Rd. Property settled by Solomon Yoder in 1818. House built in 1845. Has full length front porch.
  7. Hursh HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the inside of the Y formed by the intersection of E. Sunset and Fredrick St. in Rittman. The structure is possibly the oldest house in Rittman and was first owned by Henry Hursh. For many years dating back before 1845, it served as the first Post Office and Hursh was the first postmaster. Later it became a general store and grocery in New Prospect, a village that was merged into what is now known as Ritman.
  8. Fountain Spring Farm HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2-story frame house on stone foundation located at 8649 Rittman Ave, Sterling. Attic has hand-hewn logs, some with bark remaining. Fireplace in basement, Chestnut woodwork. Built prior to 1856.
  9. Rich HousePioneer House (1976)-located about a mile west of Rittman at the intersection of Rt. 59 and 504 in Milton Twp. The house was built by Peter Rich in 1867. Peter Rich founded Rich Brewery, which was the first manufacturing industry in Milton Twp.
  10. Richard M. Rinehart IIIPioneer House (1989)-Built in 1870 at 13324 Kauffman Ave, Sterling. Has original woodwork, wainscot and working brass chandeliers.
  11. Graber HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 60 in Milton Twp. This 10-room house was built and finished by A.J. Rogers of Guilford Twp. Medina Co. in 1873 for Amos J. and Rebecca Bessey. The date is marked on an interior door casing.
  12. Abraham Gish HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the south side of E. Sunset Dr. at the top of Shinersburg Hill in Rittman. The brick home was built by Abraham Gish, a master builder, cabinet maker, and contractor about 1875. Abraham Gish was a descendent of Jacob Gish, one of the 1st pioneers of Milton Twp.
  13. Kindig HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 162 W. Sunset St. in Rittman. The old frame house was built in 1876 by Azuriah Kindig, a descendent of Benjamin Kindig who settled in Milton Twp. about 1820.
  14. Peter Hilti HousePioneer House (1989)-a post and beam construction house located at 11654 Yoder Rd. built prior to 1880.
  15. Cain HousePioneer House (1984)-the house with gingerbread trim located at 9511 Steiner Rd. was built in 1884.
  16. James Pasho HousePioneer House (1976)-located west of Rittman on Rt. 70. This early American home was built by the Valentine Ault family prior to the Civil War. The Aults were an early pioneer family who migrated from Pennsylvania to Milton Twp. about 1830.
  17. Schar HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 504 was built before 1864 by Jacob Kratz. It measures 24ftX36ft and is a hand-hewn timber framed house covered with siding in which the walls are insulated with brick and mortar.
  18. Bessey HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 16181 Sterling Rd. the area once known as Amwell, and then Johnson’s Corners. The house was built prior to 1864 by Isaac Bessey who came from Bucks Co. Pennsylvania in 1834.
  19. Abraham Lance HouseCentury House (1976)-frame house located at 7647 Sigler Rd. was built in 1838 by Abraham Lance, a son of Henry Lance who had come to Milton Twp. in 1819 with his brothers: James and William. The Lance bros. settled on adjoining quarter sections of land that came to be known as Lancetown, and later Chestnut Ridge. Abraham Lance’s home has housed at least 5 generations of the Lance family.


  1. Pfoutz House (James Akey Farm)National Historic Landmark (1978)-Pioneer House (1976)-Also known as the Starks Wilderness Center Pioneer Farm, located along St.Rt. 250 between Mt. Eaton and Wilmont. It was built of stone in 1820 by Reuben Pfoutz, who bought it from his brother, George Pfoutz, who ran a grist mill on the banks of the Sugar Creek where St.Rt. 250 crosses the creek in Stark Co.
  2. West Lebanon United Methodist ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located along Rd. 105 east of West Lebanon, the cornerstone is dated July 31, 1841. Sandstone foundation is of popalot rock from a quarry on the Foster farm near Mt. Eaton.
  3. Master HousePioneer House (1976)-this house is on the first farm north of Mt. Eaton on St.Rt. 94. The father of Mathew Pinkerton from Somerset, Pa. built the original 2-room log house in 1823 on 160 acre farm. Originally there was no interior stairway in the home and a person reached the upper floor by climbing an outside ladder. The outer-ladder was uncovered in later remodeling of the house.
  4. Kamph HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the east side of Co.Rd. 105 south of West Lebanon in Paint Twp. A large 2-story house that has a brick side and a stucco side that stand side-by-side and was built in 1841 according to a cornerstone on the brick side which reads: 1841 Duncan.
  5. Speicher HousePioneer House (1976)-located in Mt. Eaton at the corner of N. Canton and E. Chestnut St. The original 35ftX30ft house was constructed of hand-hewn logs with mud and straw for insulation between oak studs and cross slats in 1842. A hand-dug well is in the basement. A 43ftX30ft addition was added at a later date.
  6. Shafer HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Senff Rd. in Paint Twp. The house is built of logs covered in wood side on a stone foundation and features a mineral water spring in the basement. The first owners were reported to be John and Mary Ackeret and was built about 1846.
  7. Flory HousePioneer House (1976)-located almost a mile north of St.Rt. 250 on the west side of Rt. 105 about 3 miles east of Mt. Eaton was shown on the 1856 map as being owned by F. Flory and was likely Franklin F. Flory. It is made of logs and chinked with mud and straw and measures 30ftX36ft. Eventually the logs were sided with clapboards.
  8. Blanchard HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the south side of Co.Rd. 2. The original NE part of the house measures 35ftX35ft and was built by Peter Mailard about 1860. Parts of the house are hand-hewn logs chinked with mud. Yellow poplar siding covered the walls. The first owner was William Cowan from Chester Co., Pa. who received a patent deed from President Monroe in 1820.
  9. Floyd E. Daughtery HousePioneer House (1983)-house built in 1870. Original logs visible in basement ceiling. Five rooms.
  10. Simon HousePioneer House (1983)-the 2-story located at 7691 Lomas Rd. is made of hand-hewn logs with a log frame and wooden pins. Sandstone walls in basement. 8 rooms with high ceilings. Built in the 1870’s.
  11. Torgler HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of N. Market St. in Mt. Eaton. The original 4-room house was built about 1870 by John Knofler and features fancy oak trim on the interior. An addition of 2-rooms was added by a Cabot in 1900.
  12. Albright HousePioneer House (1983)-house located at 18857 Brennenan Rd. features Black walnut woodwork.
  13. Fankhouser HousePioneer House (1976)-located on N. Market St. in Mt. Eaton was built before 1873 but it could be much older as many believe it is one of the earliest residences of Mt. Eaton. It is a log house covered in siding, and the rafters are saplings held with wooden pegs.
  14. Hoelzer-Hummel HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the east side of St.Rt. 94 about 1.5 miles north of Mt. Eaton. James Pinkerton was the first owner of this large log house built before 1873. The 1873 map shows the house as being owned by L.J. Carey.
  15. Feller HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 241 in Mt. Eaton. Originally a log house that was built before 1856 and is shown on the 1856 map. Several rooms have board ceilings and some doors have the original door latches. The house was once owned by John Imhoff.
  16. Glenn Hoelzer HousePioneer House (1976)-located along S. Market St. in Mt. Eaton. This house was built on Lot 15 before 1870 and it’s first owner was John Schlapely according to the records.
  17. Groff HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Lot 10 in West Lebanon on St.Rt. 241 was built in 1834 by Phillip Groff, the founder of West Lebanon, who laid out the village. At least four generations of the Groff family have lived in the house.
  18. Fraze HouseCentury House (1980)-built in 1878. Located on Zuercher Rd. north of Western Rd. Wood house with porch on north and south sides. Occupied by six generations of Fraze/Clinefelter families.
  19. Graber HouseCentury House (1976)-located on the south side of Rt. 2, being the last house before reaching the Stark Co. line. It is a pioneer house built of hand-hewn logs, beams, and pole rafters before 1870. The first owner was James Galbrith. The 160-acre farm and house was sold to Emanuel Bueche (Beechy) in 1863 and has been in the same family since that time.


  1. Kister MillNational Historic Landmark (1974)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-built by John Nimmon in 1816 in Millbrook about 1 mile east of St.Rt. 3 south of Wooster on Co.Rd. 34 where it intersect with St.Rt. 83. Water power was used to grind grain into flour, press apples for cider and weave cloth from wool.
  2. Theodore&Carrie Luc HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1999)-2-story brick home with sided gables located at 3761 Kister Rd. was built in 1829. Carefully restored. Originally used as stage coach stop in 1840s-50s.
  3. Brett & Marcia Urian Blue BarnCounty Historical Landmark (2005)-located at 4407 S. Columbus Rd. a 2-story bank-style barn built around 1868. The roof of the barn consists of stamped “tin” plates.
  4. Starn HotelCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located along Old 30 in Reedsburg was built by William Reed in 1835 and known for providing excellent meals.
  5. Kollar’s TavernCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-Prominent stagecoach stop and inn built in 1840 and located on S. side of old 30 just E. of Wayne-Ashland county line. Two rooms of 8 beds each and two rooms of 4 beds each.
  6. Mr&Mrs Chris Foy House/Blue Willow FarmCounty Historical Landmark (2003)-large 2-story home located at 3895 Columbus Rd. built in the 1850s features several chimneys, front porch with scallop trim, and arched windows and Italianate brackets supporting the roof overhang. Interior has original woodwork and stair railing.
  7. Plain Lutheran ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Plain Twp. built in 1853 as the German Reformed Church. One of the earliest churches built in the county.
  8. Rouch-Ungerer HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Old 30 five miles west of Wooster in Plain Twp. William Rouch who took title under a land grant in 1818 built the house before he died in 1861. The walls are constructed of, and insulated with, brick made on the farm. Rouch’s unmarried daughter, Lydia, lived in the house until 1896.
  9. Dan&Betty Garrison House (Old Cook Farm)Pioneer House (1978/1984)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 4677 Millbrook Rd. was built in 1826-7. Features 1&1/2in lap siding, rough sawed back side. Patent deed to land from US President Madison to Alex Culbertson, 1907.
  10. Fike-Ungerer HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Old 30 about 8-miles west of Wooster in Plain Twp. The early succession of titles: to Robert and Catherine Maxwell 1819; to Jacob Steair 1828; to John Fike 1833.
  11. Sullivan HousePioneer House (1986)-built between 1828 and 1835. Located at 3761 Kister Rd. Unique 3-story construction on steep slope away from road. Winding staircases. Solid brick construction. Part of original Millbrook Settlement.
  12. Caroline&Dan Shadburn HousePioneer House (2000)-built in 1830s. Located at 8588 W. Old Lincoln Way. Large stone walls and hand-hewn timbers in basement. Original slate roof.
  13. Brette&Marcia Urian HousePioneer House (2004)-house located at 4407 Columbus Rd. was built in 1873 and features front, side, and back porches. Has metal roof, brick chimney, and stone cellar. Wood beams exposed in front rooms and cellar.
  14. William Sidle HousePioneer House (1976)-house located along Co.Rd. 149 1/2 mile south of Blachleyville. The house features 3-brick-thick walls with no insulation and nterior brick walls. It was built on 208-acre farm in 1838 by James F. Brittain for William Sidle. Stone marker saying “1838 WM Sidle”. During the California gold rush William Sidle led the famous Sidle Party to California in 1849.
  15. Schafrath HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Rd. 139 near Rd. 157 was built in 1845 by a member of the Joliff family. The walls are brick with 2ft thickness and the timbers are pinned together by wood pegs.
  16. Wolbaugh HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Rt. 18 east of Rd. Examination of old tax records indicate that Jacob and Elizabeth Myers built the house before 1845. First owners of the land were Aaron and Unice Baird. The house features a metal cast-iron knocker from Connell’s patent and all doors have metal knobs. Also known as the Jeff&Terry Radabaugh House which received a plaque in 1998.
  17. Mairs HousePioneer House (1976)-a log house with seven rooms located along Co.Rd. 234 is believed to have built before 1850 and John Filger was listed as the first owner.
  18. Fike-Chamberlain HousePioneer House (1976)-a salt-box style house built before 1856.
  19. Mellinger HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Old 30 around 3 miles west of Jefferson was built before 1856 and appears on the map of that year as being owned by J. Mellinger. It is built of brick with a heavy stone foundation. The farm has been in the Mellinger family since 1816.
  20. Carl Sidle HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 34 west of Millbrook. Records show the house was built in 1870 and William Baker was the first owner. The home features four large pillars holding up the front porch giving it Greek-revival type look.
  21. Fred Donley HousePioneer House (1976)-located along St.Rt. 3. The original two-story part of the house was built of logs with steeple-notched corners. Later additions were of frame construction and the exterior is covered in cove siding. Tax records indicate it was built by John G. Welty in 1870.
  22. Dr. Doug Webb HousePioneer House (2002)-located at 5077 W. Old Lincolnway (Old 30) about 2 miles west of Jefferson. The 2-story brick home with 12-rooms was built prior to 1873 as it appears on the map of the year. It has a hop roof with wooden shakes. The Webbs spent considerable time restoring the interior of the home to its original finishes. During restoration they noted some rooms and doorways were probably changed over the passage of time.
  23. Gale&Deb Wilcox HousePioneer House (1983)-built about 1872. Located at 4166 Blachleyville Rd. Victorian gingerbread decoration, bay windows, balcony, steep roof. 4 rooms up and 6 down. Oak ornamental woodwork.
  24. Kean HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Rd. 249 near Rd. 34 west from Springville. The large frame house was built in 1873 by contractor David Myers for Dewitt C. Kean.
  25. Old Wallace HousePioneer House (1977)-house located at 35 Wile Rd. built before 1873 features brick chimneys that are still in use. Barn has original massive beams and “1843” in woodblock numbers. Also a summer house and spring house on property.
  26. Rickabaugh House #2Pioneer House (1984)-white shingled farmhouse located at 4870 S Firestone Rd. features 2 front doors off the front porch and stone foundation. Built in 1891.
  27. Oswald HousePioneer House (1984)-house located at 5626 Millbrook Rd. features hewn log floor joists, walnut framing lumber, and square nails was built in 1880.
  28. Barton FarmPioneer House (1994)-a 2-story frame home located at 5823 Columbus Rd. built prior to 1889.
  29. Eberhart HousePioneer House (1985)-a 2-story frame home located at 2102 Springville Rd. built before 1885.
  30. Canankamp PlacePioneer House (1981)-built in 1881 the Victorian-style home located at 4573 McKee Rd. features ornate woodwork and hand-carved and hand-painted grain doors, pantry, and wainscoting.
  31. Bergoon HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 3 south of Craigton. The Bergoon Barn [Destroyed 2012], also a landmark, was located in back of the house. Both the house and barn were constructed of brick and were built in 1835 by Jacob Shelly for his daughter Betty (Shelly) Yocum. The property is also known as the Willour Farm.
  32. Anfang HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 35. The house was built by Andrew Romich in the early 1830s and is a Georgian-style house made of soft pink brick on a stone foundation with a slate roof.
  33. John Donley HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of St.Rt. 3 west of Co.Rd. 157. It is believed that Abraham Soliday built the house in the 1860s as it is marked on the 1873 map. The walls are constructed of two layers of heavy 2″X12″ planks criss-crossed at a 45-degree angle. The interior walls are covered with wooden lath and plaster.
  34. Ditch HousePioneer House (1984)-house located at 531 S Elyria Rd. was built in 1881 by Daniel Ditch; his name found on back of window panel.
  35. William Rouch HouseCentury House (1976)-house located along Rd. 107. William Rouch settled the farm when he brought his family to Wayne Co., OH, from Lancaster Co., PA, in 1815. This house is believed to have been built in the early 1870s. It features hand-carved woodwork around the windows and large plaster moldings in the living room and parlor. At least 5 generations of Rouch descendents have lived on the farm.
  36. Thomas Mykrantz HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 4271 West Lincoln Way (Old 30) was built in 1819 according to an inscription on a cornerstone. The house has been in the family since 1827.
  37. Harry Mykrantz HouseCentury House (1976)-located at 3674 West Lincoln Way. The exact building date is unknown but the original part of the house measuring 30ftX24ft is built of logs. The log structure was added onto and at some point it was operated as an Inn until it was bought by Christian Silver in 1827 and has been in the same family since that time.
  38. Welty HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Rd 157 south of St.Rt. 95 was built by David Welty in 1827 and has been in the same family ever since. It has six rooms and was remodeled in 1961.
  39. Silver HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Silver Rd. west of Wooster was built in 1832 by Christian Silver. The bricks used in building the house were made at a nearby field north of the Harry Mykrantz house on Old 30. The house was reportedly patterned after the family home in Martinsburg, VA. At least five generations of the family have owned the property since 1829.
  40. Bower HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Heyl Rd. west of Rt. 157. This 2-story frame house has been in the same family, at least 7 generations, since it was purchased in 1863 by David Martin.
  41. Filger HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 234 and 152 and facing the latter road. The 9-room frame house has two separate stairways: one leading to the section for family, and one goes to the section of the house intended to house hired-hands. A summer kitchen and wood shed are attached to the house. Henry Filger bought the farm and house in 1874 and his descendents have owned the property ever since.
  42. Rickabaugh House #1Century House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 249. The large frame double-ell house was built in 1874 for John Rickabaugh by contractor David Myers, who also built the Wa. County Courthouse. At least three generations of the Rickabaugh have lived in the house since it was built.


  1. First Tuition SchoolCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-2-story brick house just off main intersection in Fredericksburg built by teacher, C.P. Tennant. School in operation by 1816.
  2. Dunham HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Twp. Rd 198 around Bear Hollow Rd near Maysville on land the Moses Dunham family received from President Monroe in 1817. The house was built in 1851.
  3. Hostetler General StoreCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-built around 1840 at corner of S. Mill and Clay St. in Fredericksburg. Brick 2-story structure built and operated by the Redett family until Hostetler purchased in in the mid-1900s.
  4. Methodist ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-1-story wood frame structure located on S. Clay St. in Fredericksburg used as church until 1926, then as a garage by the Cramer family, was built in 1860.
  5. Meat BlockCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-built in 1876. Located on N. Mill St. in Fredericksburg. Has been a theater, auto sales site, and grocery store.
  6. Fredericksburg United Presbyterian ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1982)[Destroyed 2015] the brick church in Fredericksburg was built in 1881 at a cost of $2,700.
  7. Butzer HousePioneer House (1976)-located on E. Jackson St. in Fredericksburg on the slope across from the park. Reportedly built in 1819, and at one time housed the town’s bakery in the basement.
  8. Caldwell Rickeson HousePioneer House (1976)-a 2-story white building with interesting door located at 141 S. Mill St. in Fredericksburg was built in 1833.
  9. Hunter HousePioneer House (1976)-located on N. Mill St. in Fredericksburg was built about 1846. The first owner was Dr. Henry Buckmaster.
  10. Fisher HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Crawford St. in Fredericksburg was built about 1850 by Andrew Knox.
  11. McCay House/Weaver Grocery StorePioneer House (1979)-2-story wood frame building located on NE corner of Clay and Mill Sts. in Fredicksburg was built in 1850s. Once operated as dry goods, groceries and provisions store by McCay family and later, Weaver family.
  12. Nixon HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 44 near Apple Creek was built in 1856 by William G. Nixon. The house featured a windmill to pump water.
  13. Medill Berger HousePioneer House (1976)-large 2-story Victorian-style home with front and side porches located on N. Mill St. in Fredericksburg was built in 1860.
  14. Moore HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 306 W. Mill St. in Fredericksburg. It is believed Fred Botlaure built the house and tax records show it was constructed between 1860 and 1863 and used bricks from the demolition of the Presbyterian Church that had last held service in 1845.
  15. Williams HousePioneer House (1976)-located on South Hill on Co.Rd. 10. It was built about 1860 and the first owner was Graham followed by a Dr. Cunningham.
  16. Martin V.B. Sterling HousePioneer House (1976)-the 2-story wood frame house located on Co.Rd. 438 south of Fredericksburg was built about 1870 by Gilbert Sea and is shown on the 1873 map.
  17. Gilbert Armstrong HousePioneer House (1976)-2-story frame home located on South Hill in Fredericksburg was built in 1876.
  18. Lewis&Margret Boring HousePioneer House (1977)-located at 196 Crawford St. in Fredericksburg. Originally the Presbyterian parsonage. Later a boarding house for students. 12ft ceilings downstairs and 13ft upstairs. Bay window in living room and upstairs bedroom, which was the minister’s study. “Built in July 1877” is written in the basement stairway.
  19. Lytle-McKelvey House #1Pioneer House (1976)-located on CR 2, 2-miles east of Fredericksburg. Built about 1855 by A. VanMeter.
  20. Sod Schaffer HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the Laddie Speelman farm on Twp.Rd. 440. The log house was about to be destroyed when Speelman bought it, numbered the logs, took them apart, and moved it from Rt. 44 to the Speelman farm where he reassembled the structure. An inscription on one of the logs reads: Sod Schaffer 1817.
  21. Criswell HouseCentury House (1976)-the 8-room brick house on a stone foundation was built in 1837 by James Criswell and located on Laddie Speelman property on Twp.Rd. 440.
  22. Fluhart House No.1Century House (1976)-located on the east side of Twp.Rd. 205 about 2.5 miles north of Fredericksburg and is the north house at the end of a lane with Fluhart House No.2 located a short distance to the south. It was built about 1850 by James Fluhart and at least five generations of his descendents have lived in it.
  23. Fluhart House No.2Century House (1976)-located on the east side of Twp.Rd. 205 about 2.5 miles north of Fredericksburg and is the south house at the end of a lane with Fluhart House No.1 located a short distance to the north. It was built before 1855 by a member of the Caldwell family. It was bought by the Edwin Fluhart family around 1870 and has been in the family ever since.
  24. Redett House #2Century House (1982)-Pioneer House (1983)-Queen Anne Victorian house located at 298 S. Crawford in Fredericksburg was built in 1882. Features open hand-carved cherry staircase and dumb waiter from basement to pantry.
  25. Lytle-McKelvey House #2Century House (1976)-the 2&1⁄2 story house located on Rt. 94A was built in 1855 for John and Jane Lytle and occupied by several generations of the family. An addition built in 1892.
  26. Amiet HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 2 about 3/4 mile west of Maysville. The 2-story frame house was built by Louis A. Amiet in 1873 for $924.03. Construction started in JAN of 1873 and the family occupied the finished house in OCT 1873 and has been in the Amiet family ever since.
  27. Johnson HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 187 about 1.5 miles north of Maysville was built between 1835-1840 by J. Johnson and has been in the Johnson family since that time.


  1. Eagle TavernCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-house built in 1821 located at 117 E. Main St. in Dalton is now owned by Dalton Community Historical Society. Originally a tavern and stage coach stop. In 1821, a man named Freeman kept the 1st tavern in the only house in Dalton. Stagecoaches between Massillon and Wooster stopped here to change horses and give passengers a rest.
  2. First Schantz Organ Company PlaceCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Zuercher Rd. south of Dalton. Built by J. Lehman and sold to John A. Tschantz. John’s son Abraham learned cabinet making and worked out of an addition to the home. After repairing a reed organ, Abraham began to build organs in 1873.
  3. Dalton Presbyterian ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1984)-church located on W. Main St in Dalton was built in 1884 at cost of $10,000.
  4. Dalton Village HallCounty Historical Landmark (1998)-located at 1 W. Main St. in Dalton. Has been in continuous use as a town hall since its construction in 1895. Rumored to have had the 1st Christmas tree in the county in 1913.
  5. David L. Lehman HousePioneer House (1976)-located 1/4 mile east of Kidron on Co.Rd. 80. The house was built in 1840 by Henry Swan who had bought the farm land in 1833. The home features walls insulated with mud and straw, round rafters, and the original wood shingles were still in place under modern roofing materials.
  6. Lloyd Lehman HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 334 Gondy Rd. The large log house was built by I.E. Lehman about 1838.
  7. Paul Gerber HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Zuercher Rd. off or Rd. 97. Records indicate that Jacob Bixler bought the property in 1846, built a Spring house in 1847, and built the large 1&1/2-story frame house in 1848. On the fire place in the Spring house an inscription reads: J&E 1847.
  8. Hahn HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 127 W. Main St. in Dalton. According to county records the original rear part of the house measuring 24ftX20ft with only two rooms was built about 1850. An early owner of the house was Anne Davidson.
  9. Schwartz FarmPioneer House (1988)-located at 131 Arnold Rd. the barn was built in 1858 and the house somewhat later. Framed with hand-hewn logs.
  10. Sommer HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of S. Wenger Rd. close to Dalton. The house is believed to have built by contractor Oblinger of Mt. Eaton in 1860 of logs chinked with mud on top of 16-inch thick stone foundation. The 1873 map shows the farm of 80 acres was owned by Peter Zuercher.
  11. Falb HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Arnold Rd. south of Old 30 and adjoining the Dalton Corporation limit. The home was built prior to 1873 as it appears on the map of that year as being owned by Peter Buchanan and a coal mine is shown on the south end of the property.
  12. Louis Armstrong HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 188 on Rt. 98 the large log house was built before 1873 as it appears on the map of that year.
  13. Merritt Steiner HousePioneer House (1977)-the 2-story home of hand-hewn beams with square-cut nails and sandstone foundation located at 1340 Old Lincoln Way was built before 1873.
  14. Stephanie Schrader HousePioneer House (2001)-located at 120 N. Church St. in Dalton a 2-story home with enclosed front porch that has very old beams in basement. Built before 1879. Deed transferred from Susan Kozier to Martin Schultz in 1879 for $150.
  15. Darline Martell HousePioneer House (1985)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 424 W. Main St. in Dalton was built in 1884. Features decorative window and eave treatments and hand-hewn block foundation on the exterior. A hand-turned banister and ornate woodwork decorate the interior. Also, barn with hand-hewn beams joined with pegs and square nails.
  16. Willis&Selma Gerber HousePioneer House (1984)-the 2-story frame house with slate roof and hand-cut sandstone cellar walls located at 15168 Goudy Rd. was built in mid 19th century.
  17. Dallas Nussbaum HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Nussbaum Rd. This old log house was built before the 1870s as confirmed by the 1873 map. The first owner was a member of the Liechty family.
  18. Houghton-Meszaros HousePioneer House (2009)-brick and frame 2-story house with slate room and veranda located at 16 W. Schultz Ave. in Dalton, Ohio.
  19. Cully Log House and Bank BarnPioneer House (2014)-located at 2201 S. Deerfield Ave. in Dalton. A large 2-story log house with attic, stone basement, fireplace, center stairs, and winding hidden staircase. Most probably built by Joseph Cully between 1828 and 1840 with later additions. Also, bank barn with slate roof built before 1900 when a ramp was added.
  20. Leland S. Kratzon HouseCentury House (1976)-house located at 3178 Zuercher Rd. was built in 1820. Frame of house built without nails, only pegs. Found page of a notebook in a wall dated 1862. Land deed dated 1820 and signed by President Monroe. In same family for at least 5 generations.
  21. Ivan Amstutz HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Zuercher Rd. on the NW cornter of the intersection with Nussbaum Rd. The house was believed to have been built about 1840 and it appears on the 1856 county map as being owned by Ivan C. Amstutz and has been owned by his descendents since that time.
  22. Welty-Zuercher HouseCentury House (1976)-the 2-story frame house with porch across the entire front located on the NW corner of Rd. 129 and 188 was built in 1868 by Christian Welty and has been owned by his relatives since that time.
  23. Peter Gerber HouseCentury House (1976)-house located along Twp.Rd. 156 was completed in 1871 by Peter M. Gerber. It was constructed of hand-hewn timbers on a hand-cut sandstone foundation. At least six generations of the Gerber family have owned the property.
  24. Amstutz-Neuenschwander HouseCentury House (1976)-located along Kidron Rd. was built in 1872 from logs and hewn timbers cut on the farm. Nicholas Amstutz was listed as the first owner and it has remained in the family for at least four generations.
  25. Jacob Gerber HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 79 about 1.5 miles east of Kidron. Family sources say it was built by Jacob Gerber in the 1830s and the house was passed on to the oldest surviving son of each generation. It is constructed of hand-hewn beams and rafters, with the exterior covered in wainscoting.


  1. Wayne United Presbyterian ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-church built in 1888 at 7152 Burbank Rd. Now brick but the original wood walls are within the current structure. Wayne Church is the 2nd oldest in the township; organized in 1833. Services were held outdoors or in the schoolhouse until 1840 when a church was built on the present site. This was replaced in 1988 by the present building. Several original stained glass windows, scroll work, and the 840lb bell remain from the 1888 structure.
  2. Henshaw HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Smithville Western Rd. in Wayne Twp. It is believed that it’s first owner was Jacob Ihrig and it was Irhig who built the frame house in 1815.
  3. Roy Carmony HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 68 near Rt. 23. According to Carmony family history the 80-acre farm property was bought by Christian Hostetler from George Lose and Christian Trouger in 1819. Hostetler reportedly built the house in 1820 and the house and farmland stayed in the Hostetler family until 1900 when Roy Carmony bought the property.
  4. Leslie HousePioneer House (1977)-the 1&1⁄2-story log home located on Milltown Rd. was built between 1820 and 1836.
  5. Alfred H. Johnson HousePioneer House (1981)-Western Reserve-Greek Revival style house located at 5085 Friendsville Rd. was built about 1835. Features fan-shaped louvered ornaments and white oak hand-hewn beams (2 are 46ft long), white oak siding and floors, and white ash plank floor in former sitting room.
  6. Houhton HousePioneer House (1993)-House framed with hewn oak beams and floor joists fastened with wood pegs located at 2505 Jentes Rd. was built in 1840s, probably by Jacob Ritter. Wood used used in house probably cut on site; oak, chestnut, and walnut.
  7. Ritter HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Mechanicsburg Rd. the last house west of Deviltown. The original part of the house is a log structure built about 1840 and the ends of the logs were squared by an ax. At some later date a room with frame construction was added and a chimney is on the west end of the house.
  8. Ronald J. Martin HousePioneer House (1992)-the 2-story cedar shake shingled home located at 4280 Clear Creek Valley Rd. was built in 1840.
  9. Buchholtz HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the east side of Mechanicsburg Rd in Deviltown. The large brick house was built by Fredolin Buchholtz before the 1860s and possibly as early as 1841 according to one source. The brick walls are 1ft thick, the wood floors are held in place with square-headed nails, and the house has 7 bedrooms, 3 fireplaces, and 5 baths. Reportedly an early circuit priest held mass in the house.
  10. Sonnedecher HousePioneer House (1977)-Built in 1853. 1st house north of Madisonburg on east side of road. Constructed of bricks made on site. Built by Jacob Shaffer and purchased in 1855 with gold from California by Andrew Sonnedecher.
  11. Doc Johns HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Friendsville Rd. between Milltown and Smithville Western Rd. and was once known as Mitey Mystic Meadows that bred Standardbred racehorses when Dr. Robert M. Johns owned the property. The large two-and-half story brick house was built in 1859 by carriage maker John Bishop. The house is constructed of brick burnt on the farm and features wild cherry woodwork on the interior.
  12. John Lehman HousePioneer House (1999)-2-story wood frame house with sandstone basement, small front porch, and original chimney located at 5114 Canaan Center Rd. was built in 1860.
  13. Gerald Hider HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 2101 Smithville Western Rd. The 2-story frame house on a sandstone foundation is believed to have been built before 1862 because tax records show a jump in valuation after that date. The first owner was listed as Jacob McEntefer.
  14. Snyder HousePioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of Rt. 6 south of Friendsville Rd. The large 10-room brick house with a central hall and stairway was built by Thomas McCoy in 1869. The Snyder family bought the property from the McCoy’s in 1911. After extensive renovation in 1970 it was revealed that the house is basically colonial on the inside, but has some exterior features related to the Civil War era.
  15. Schneider HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 698 Milltown Rd. near St.Rt. 3. The log house was built in 1870 according to tax records. The basement runs the entire length of the house which measures 27ft square.
  16. Thomas O. Bruch HousePioneer House (1976)-located on SR 285 a 2&1⁄2-story frame home with center hall and slate roof features original paneling in parlor. Originally owned by J. Fraser. Built between 1870-72
  17. George Hider HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 3317 Friendsville Rd. near the Freedlander Park area. The house is believed to have been built in 1872 by Philip Herpel.
  18. Dr. E. Judd HousePioneer House (1981)-the 2-story frame home located at 3840 Cleveland Rd. was built prior to 1873. Reportedly once a stop on the stage coach line.
  19. Henry Sonnedecher HousePioneer House (1980)-the 2-story frame home located at 1817 Fox Lake Rd. has an exterior that features double front doors with beveled glass, round top windows, Victorian-style with elaborate gingerbread-carved brackets and dentils below the eaves and carved lintels above the windows, and false shuttered windows, plus 2-story bay window. Also, squeeze-type door knobs dated 1876.
  20. Robert Hatfield HousePioneer House (1991)-Victorian-style farmhouse located at 1315 E Milltown Rd. was built in 1890.
  21. Brian&Heidi Rennecher HousePioneer House (2003)-the 2-story brick home located at 6764 N. Honeytown Rd. was built in 1900.
  22. C.W. Ewing HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 6 north of St.Rt. 86. The house’s builder is believed to be Elias May who sold it to the McCoy family in 1901. The house measures 26ftX32ft and is a Western Reserve design style.
  23. Dilyard HousePioneer House (1976)-originally located on the NW part of the NE quarter R13, T16, Section 22. Moved to 4777 Young Dr. in 1955. House existed as early as 1826 and was originally owned by John McEntefer , a township trustee. House constructed of hand-hewn timbers with square-headed nails. Windows have wavy original glass.
  24. Gallapoo HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 4122 Melrose Dr. Court records indicate that this log constructed house was built by John Hardgrove before he sold the property in 1823 to Mathew McCure. From then it was sold to David Billman in 1873; to Franklin Goff in 1877. The original part of the house was 1-room with a loft. Later two log rooms were added.
  25. Calame HousePioneer House (1976)-located at the SW corner of the intersection of 95 and 442, just west of where St.Rt. 3 crosses 95. This large grand house was built by Alexander McBride in the 1840s as it is shown on the 1856 county map. His son, Henry McBride acquired the house and 158-acre farm in 1854 for $6,480. It was sold to David P. Tayor in 1860 for $14,000; then sold to Joseph and Jacob Sherrick in 1881 for $16,491; and sold to Arnold C. Calame in 1946.
  26. Showalter HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 112 north of 86 and near 78. The original log house was built between 1815-1820. It features interior woodwork of wormy chestnut and black walnut. Reportedly the house was a stop on the underground railroad.
  27. Grube HousePioneer House (1976)-located along Twp.Rd. 112 between 86 and 22. The house is believed to have been built between 1830-1850 by Moses Cherry who bought the land in 1824 from Naphtale Lucock, the first property owner. David Grube bought the farm in 1872. It is pictured in the book, Picturesque Wayne, on p.224 as the D.H. Grube house.
  28. McCoy HouseCentury House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 6 first house on the west side north of St.Rt. 86 intersection. It was built in 1869 and is marked on the house. Built by the brothers Joseph and Thomas McCoy of brick fired on the farm. Their father James McCoy came to Wayne Co. OH from Juniata Co. PA in 1826 and bought the 148-acre farm. The title passed to Joseph McCoy in 1847. At least six generations of the McCoy family have lived on the farm since the 1826 purchase.
  29. Bucher HouseCentury House (1988)-log and wood frame 1&1⁄2-story home located at 3019 Mechanicsburg Rd. was built in 1860s. It has been home to many generations of the Bucher family.


  1. Barnhart Rice HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on OARDC property built by Frederick Rice Sr. for his son Barnhart Rice. Construction happened in stages between 1820-1825. Stone secured from quarry on the farm near construction site.
  2. Simon Rice HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on OARDC property built by Frederick Rice Sr. for his son Simon Rice. Construction happened in stages between 1820-1825. Brick for house was processed in a kiln on grounds.
  3. Benjamin Jones HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-Contractor Henry Lozier started building the brick home on the farm west of Killbuck in 1836 and finished in 1840. After completion the 2&1⁄2-story home had 8 fireplaces, a 4ft wide open stairway, and a 30in thick sandstone foundation.
  4. Wa. Co. Home (originally Wayne County Infirmary)County Historical Landmark (1976)-the 3-story brick building 2 mi east of Wooster was built in 1852. Contained 100 rooms heated by steam. Was home to children and both indigent and needy adults.
  5. Maize HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located on east side of Rt. 226 about 2 miles south of St.Rt. 3 intersection, Mrs. Mary Woods Maize purchased the farm in 1870 and a house was completed by 1873. Woodwork restored to near original condition. Original winding stairway, doors, and windows remain.
  6. OARDC Administration BuildingCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-built in three sections over time: west wing built in 1895 at a cost of $15,000, the main wing started in May of 1896 and completed at a cost of $36,428, with the final L-shaped wing being erected in 1914 on east side of the structure.
  7. Wile BarnCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-located at the corner of St.Rt. 95 and Smyser Rd., built between 1860-1870. Also known as J. Pile property and Mellinger property.
  8. Taggart SchoolCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-brick building with slate roof located at 3014 Canal Rd. was built before 1873. Original bell tower remains. Marks on floor where desks were fastened.
  9. Eichar HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-house located on Old Mansfield Rd. (Rt.30A) built in the early 1840s was used as a tavern in its early years.
  10. Warner Bank BarnCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-outstanding example of bank barn located at 2785 W. Licoln Way (old 30) was built in 1874 by Francis A. Warner.
  11. Valley College Grange HallCounty Historical Landmark (1984)-Built in 1854. Located at 2411 Shreve Rd. Wood frame structure with asbestos shingle siding. Was formerly the Dunbar Baptist Church in Millbrook. Moved to the present location by team and wagon in 1927-8.
  12. Webb HousePioneer House (1976)-located on Valley Rd. in Wayne Twp. the house was believed to have been built by George Pomeroy as shown on the 1856 map. The brick house has 13-inch walls and a foundation of wide cut stones. Other features are small window panes, horse hair plaster, and poplar woodwork. The attic flooring is constructed of 2ft-wide poplar boards.
  13. Cicconetti HousePioneer House (1984)-house located at 4789 Blachleyville Rd was built about 1868. Large stones form basement walls. Much wood and scroll work on interior and exterior.
  14. Del Nirode HousePioneer House (1984)-large 2-story frame farmhouse built by Henry Reichenbaugh located at 6785 Blachleyville Rd. was built in 1849.
  15. A.C. Calame FarmPioneer House (1976)-huge 2-story country home on sandstone foundation located sw of Wooster on Rt 95. was built prior to 1856. Built and owned by Alexander McBride, who came to Wooster in 1813. House was elegant and approached via a long drive lined with flowers and trees in the Southern plantation style. Was a center for Wooster’s aristocracy.
  16. Kilgore-Moore HousePioneer House (1982)-wood 2-story country Victorian home with metal roof located at 3380 Triway Lane was built in 1867. It features central hall with open walnut staircase. Smaller enclosed curved staircase leads to large upstairs bedroom. Built for single woman and hired man. Summer kitchen and foundation of well house remain. Located on old stage-coach route.
  17. White HousePioneer House (1997)-house located on Canal and Geyers Chapel Rd. built in 1868. First owner was John May White, who ran a sawmill.
  18. Heeter HousePioneer House (1983)-house located at 5937 Cleveland Rd. Built about 1869. Oak flooring, some in dual layers. Yellow poplar window frames and baseboards. At least 6 coats of wallpaper over hair and plaster walls.
  19. James&Delin Ralston HousePioneer House (1985)-home located at 3051 Canal Rd. was built in 1873 and originally owned by Board of Education as home for Taggart School’s headmaster. Original woodwork and hardwood floors.
  20. John Rhoads HousePioneer House (1994)-house located at 3612 Batdorf Rd. built in 1873 with stone walls in basement.
  21. Riffle-Pearce HousePioneer House (1985)-located at 2795 Varian Rd. was once the location of Lone Oak Farm Dairy. Built in 1876.
  22. William Acker Family HousePioneer House (1985)-the 2-story frame house with cherry woodwork located at 1970 Batdorf Rd. was built in 1863.
  23. Enos & Judy Swartzentruber HousePioneer House (1984)-structures located at 10583 Old Lincoln Way West built about 1850. Includes 2-story wood frame home and 100-yr-old New England bank barn with fancy trim.
  24. Quimby Jones HouseCentury House (1976)-located on the south side of Old 30 west of the Wa. Co. fairgrounds the large frame house was built in 1873 and features 11-foot ceilings. Quimby Jones was a son of Benjamin Jones, an early settler of Wayne County. At least 4 generations of his descendents have owned the property and has been known as the Waynedale Stock Farm.

WOOSTER CITY (Killbuck Township)

  1. Wa. Co. Court House DistrictNational Historic Landmark District (1973 boundry increase in 1978)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-the Wooster Public Square Historic District is located on Public Square in Wooster, Ohio. Courthouse built in 1878 and features a Second Empire architectural style.
  2. McSweeney HouseNational Historic Landmark (1974)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-house located at 531 N. Market St. was built 1845. Home to 3 generations of McSweeney family, all prominent in Wooster history. Visited by 3 Presidents and numerous senators and congressmen. Now houses Hothem real estate office.
  3. Gen. Reasin Beall HouseNational Historic Landmark (1976)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-brick house located at 546 E. Bowman St. in Wooster built between 1815-1817 by General Reasin Beall. Currently owned by the Wayne County Historical Society.
  4. The College of WoosterNational Historic Landmark (1980)-located in Wooster, Ohio the campus buildings feature a late Gothic Revival architectural style.
  5. Old Wayne County JailNational Historic Landmark (1982)-located on the NE corner of N. Walnut and North streets in Wooster and is a brick Italianate architectural styled building.
  6. Overholt HouseNational Historic Landmark (1983)-Pioneer House (1981)-originally located at 1772 Cleveland Rd. near the Wooster Clinic, it was moved to 1473 Beall Ave. and is owned and maintained by the College of Wooster. Built in 1880, Civil War veteran and attorney Aquila Wiley once lived in the house. 3-story winding walnut staircase with original finish. Back maid’s walnut stairway. Original woodwork upstairs. Intricate gingerbread decoration on porches on each side of house. Chimney through each room. Fireplace in basement.
  7. Walnut St. School (now Wayne Center for Arts)National Historic Landmark (1984)-County Historical Landmark (1983)-brick building located at 223 S. Walnut St. was built in 1854. One of the original first four school buildings built in Wooster.
  8. Gerstenslager Carriage & Wagon Co. (Reed Warehouse)National Historic Landmark (1986)-located on the corner of Spink and E. Liberty at 104 Spink St. in Wooster, Ohio the large brick building was built in 1907. Company built high quality carriages for domestic and export buyers.
  9. Charles Gasche (Marjorie Ames) HouseNational Historic Landmark (1989)-Pioneer House (1977)-house located at 340 N. Bever St. was built in 1859 and has a Gothic Revival architectural style. Features some original shutters and window glass. Circular front porch.
  10. Freedlander (David Q. Liggett) HouseNational Historic Landmark (1994)-County Historical Landmark (1977)-large late Victorian wood frame house located at 408 N. Bever St. was built in 1862. First owner was David Q. Liggett. Features a secret passage from library to basement that was reportedly used by members of underground railroad.
  11. Zion Lutheran ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (no date)-church located at 301 N. Market St. was built in 1855 on land purchased from Ephriam Quinby.
  12. Frick Building (Iron Block)County Historical Landmark (1976)-brick building located on W. Liberty St. next to Wa. Co. Courthouse was built sometime between 1840 and 1860. Originally known as the Iron Block. First owned by James C. Jacobs and John H. Kauke, followed by Col. Samuel Keefer, then Joseph Frick. Housed several hardware merchants and then Nick Amster Men’s Clothing Store and Amster Shoe Store.
  13. Twin Oaks (Hothem Enterprises)County Historical Landmark (2003)-located at 527 N. Market St. was built in 1885. Elegant Queen Anne shingle-style Victorian home built for W.D. Tyler, owner of Tyler Grain.
  14. Sloane HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-brick house located at 439 N. Market St. was built in 1840s. Served as residence of John Sloane (1779-1856), Member of Ohio House of Representatives, member of Congress, Secretary of State of Ohio, US Treasurer.
  15. Wa. Co. National Bank (now PNC Bank)County Historical Landmark Site (1976)-Wooster’s oldest business founded in 1845 located on the SW corner of public square.
  16. Wooster Brush Co.County Historical Landmark (1976)-original building located on S. Market St. Distinction of being Wooster’s oldest industry still in operation was founded by Adam Foss in 1851.
  17. Samuel Routson House and Wooster Pottery & Tile WorksCounty Historical Landmark (1983)-Once located on the property where the Lincolnway Elementary School was built on Pittsburg Ave. Wooster pottery operated from 1856-82. Among the finest early-form pottery known in America. Routson also revolutionized agricultural technology with introduction of pottery drainage tile.
  18. George P. Emrich HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 558 N. Market St. in Wooster built in the 1860s.
  19. Jean Zapponi HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1978)-the 2-story brick L-shaped home with front porch located at 124 Massaro Ave. was built in 1860. First owner was reported to be the lawyer Eugene Pardee. It was reportedly a safe house along the underground railroad.
  20. Harvey Howard HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-brick building located at 407 N. Market St. was built in 1865 by Harvey Howard, druggist and horse and mule seller to the US government. Large brick structure with elaborate eave treatment once served as Wooster Hospital. Now part of the Central Christian Church complex.
  21. Homer Yost House/Homer Yost Insurance AgencyCounty Historical Landmark (1986)Pioneer House (1998)-the 2-story home originally owned by S. S. Shilling located at 421 N. Market St. was built in 1880s.
  22. David Clark BuildingCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-building located on E. Liberty St. in downtown Wooster built in 1875. Had one of the first elevators in town; still in use.
  23. Trinity United Church of ChristCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-located at 150 E. North St., built in 1871. Previously known as the English Reformed Church, then the First Evangelical Church.
  24. Downing BlockCounty Historical Landmark (1998)-located at 131 N. Market St. The Italianate style building was built in 1879 when William C. Downing contracted to build a 3-story brick building 39ft front and 58ft deep for business purposes.
  25. Old United Presbyterian ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1977)-church located at 445 N. Bever St. was built in 1868. Previously known as the Second Day Adventist Church. 2nd oldest church building in Wooster.
  26. Beulah Bechtal ShopCounty Historical Landmark (1993)-the 3-story brick building located at 114 E. Liberty St. on the NE corner of the public square was built in 1890. The Alvin Rich Hardware store ran at this location for many years.
  27. Grange Rotunda BarnCounty Historical Landmark (2005)-the 16-sided round barn with clear span interior located on the Wa. Co. fairgrounds was built in 1912 by contractor Abraham Deneke.
  28. Pennsylvania RR Passenger DepotCounty Historical Landmark (1976)[Destroyed 1977] was located on E. Liberty St. in Wooster built about 1890. The Depot was accidently destroyed beyond repair by a 31-car derailment in Wooster on AUG 6, 1977. It was reported that 3 railroad cars involved in the derailment struck the building, knocked it from its foundation, and damaged it to the point that it had to be torn down and removed.
  29. Compton HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-wood frame house located at 816 College Ave. was built in 1891. Compton family included 4 well-known individuals. Dr. Elias Compton was a professor at the College of Wooster. Karl Compton headed the physics department at Princeton, assisted in the development of sonar, was instrumental in the Manhattan Project, and became president of MIT. Wilson Compton was a lawyer, president of the U.S. Information Service and president of the University of Washington at Pullman. Dr. Arthur Compton was president of Washington University and the University of Chicago.
  30. Jonas Notestein HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1978)-house located at 1727 Burbank Rd., built in 1881. Notestine family known in Wooster for their scholarship. Isaac, father of Jonas, was principal of Canaan Academy. Jonas was a professor at the College of Wooster. Jonas’ sons were a professor at Yale and a geologist. His daughters were teachers and authors.
  31. Beall Ave. SchoolCounty Historical Landmark (2003)-school located at 716 Beall Ave., was built in 1901 by D.C. Curry & Co. for Wooster Board of Education. The 3-story brick building features two original cornerstones, arched windows with sandstone trim, a restored entry arch, and provided 6 classrooms. Served 5 generations of children before closing in 1996. Then became the location of the Gault Family Learning Center. Building sold to the College of Wooster in 2012.
  32. Second Baptist ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1992)[Destroyed 2012] was located at 245 S. Grant St. and built in 1892. It was the site of the first church built by the African-American community in Wooster.
  33. Moore-Brewster HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-building located at 202 N. Market St. Construction begun in 1834 by Z.T.Moore. Moore’s daughter, Flora Brewster, offered part of it for use by injured and ill veterans of Spanish American War. Later housed Dolly Madison Tea Room. Acquired and restored by Ross Shoolroy. Now houses offices. Iconic columns, doorways, winding stairway and other classic exterior features preserved.
  34. First Baptist ChurchCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-church located at SW corner of Larwill and N. Market St. built between 1834-1839. Except for removal of tall steeple, exterior is largely unchanged. Originally known as Bethany Baptist Church. Visited by President Harry Truman in 1952.
  35. Jeffries HouseCounty Historical Landmark (1976)-brick house with steep roof lines and fancy exterior trim located at 745 Pittsburgh Ave. was built about 1845. Active stop for run-away slaves. Jeffries was major advocate for rail service.
  36. Gift Corner BuildingCounty Historical Landmark (1993)-building located at 131 S. Market St. in downtown Wooster was built about 1870.
  37. Wooster Book BuildingCounty Historical Landmark (2012)-located at 211-213 West Liberty Street, this commercial building was constructed in 1898 using unique blonde glazed bricks on the upper facade.
  38. Wm. Givens HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 517 N. Market St., estimated to have built in the 1830s. Previous owners include Judge William Givens, Martha Frost, the McSweeney family members, and the Fraze family.
  39. Howard Black (David Haller) HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 516 N. Buckeye St. in Wooster built in 1864 is a wood frame 2-story house of six rooms with brass door knobs. The front and side doors are original along with four upstairs windows. House renovated by the Howey Houses project in 2012.
  40. Williams HousePioneer House (1976)-located at 524 N. Bever St. in Wooster built before 1873. Records indicate Gotlieb Gasche was the first owner; sold to Weston Peckinpaugh in 1883; to Mary Packer in 1891; to Effie Clark in 1898; to Thelma Ungerer to Philip Williams in 1966.
  41. Harlan Hauenstein HousePioneer House (1976)-house located at 622 N. Buckeye built before 1873. Probably built by 1st owner, David Ammon.
  42. James Reed HousePioneer House (1987)-The Gothic Revival style house located at 611 High St. was built in 1868.
  43. Jacob F. Schmuck Sr. HousePioneer House (1987)-The large wood frame Italianate house with mansard roof at 341 N. Bever St. was built in 1869 for Jacob Franklin Schmuck Sr. by contractor/architect C.C. Baker.
  44. Painter HousePioneer House (1976)-large wood frame house located at 1577 Cleveland Rd. was built between 1869-1870 by John C. France. The house features an unusual front door and door bell; a circular front hall with a winding stairway and large square rooms.
  45. Feeman HousePioneer House (1976)-house located at 713 Pittsburg Ave., built in 1870.
  46. Henry Lehman HousePioneer House (1977)-dwelling located at 519 N. Bever St., built sometime between 1865-1868.
  47. Ralph Long HousePioneer House (1977)-located at 537 N. Bever St., built between 1869-1872.
  48. Pinkerton-Rich HousePioneer House (1983)[Destroyed 1995] once located at 351 Beall Ave. on the SE corner of Beall and Nold St. in Wooster just between the old Ponderosa Steakhouse and Beall Ave. Carwash. The large brick house was built about 1870 and Matthew W. Pinkerton was its first owner.
  49. Duberstein (David Y. Landis) HousePioneer House (1984)-Victorian-era house located at 337 N. Bever St. was designed by Wooster architect, J.W. Webster, and built in 1894 by the contractor Miller and Smith for the furniture maker/undertaker David Y. Landis, who was in business with his father-in-law, Jacob Schmuck: Landis&Schmuck.
  50. Mateer HousePioneer House (1976)-the 2&1/2-story frame house located at 328 E. Bowman St. was built in 1871 by Jessie Doughton. It features 6 fireplaces, 7 large rooms, and number of small rooms. The chimney in the attic shows how masons made a spiral.
  51. Miller-Saurer HousePioneer House (1976)-brick house located at 235 W. Larwill St. built before 1871. Builders of the house are unknown but courthouse records indicate Alexander Laughlin bought the house in 1871 for $800 from Angus B. and Carrie McDonald.
  52. Bailey HousePioneer House (1976)-large wood frame house located at 806 N. Bever St. was built between 1860-1873. George Lehman was the first owner.
  53. Charles&Judith Stock HousePioneer House (1977)-house located at 637 Quinby Ave., built in 1873.
  54. Critchfield HousePioneer House (1977)-wood frame house located at 515 N. Bever St., built before 1873.
  55. Floyd Hunsicker HousePioneer House (1977)-located at 327 N. Bever St., built before 1873.
  56. Lydia Keister HousePioneer House (1983)-the 2-story brick home located at 454 W. North St. was built in 1880.
  57. Leighter HousePioneer House (1977)-home located at 349 N. Bever St., built between 1861-1866 and once owned by George Liggett.
  58. Long HousePioneer House (1985)-the 12-room home of oak construction located at 658 Pittsburg Ave. was built in 1880 and was the residence of Wooster Mayor, William Long. In the Long family for 82 yrs.
  59. Talbot HousePioneer House (1977)-the 2-story brick house located at 317 N. Bever St. was built in 1880 and valued at $900. First resident was Joseph Tiefanthaler.
  60. McConahay HomesteadPioneer House (1983)-Queen-Anne style house located at 1782 Burbank Rd. was built in 1882 by Peter Wise. Lumber for house came from McConahay’s mill. Mounted in dining room is 2-ton mahogany mirror once belonging to August Imgard.
  61. Children’s House Montessori (Charles Haupert House)Pioneer House (1999)-wood Victorian home with wraparound front porch located at 627 College Ave. was built in 1899 by Professor Charles Haupert, Superintendent of Wooster City Schools. After several other families owned the house, it served for 15 yrs. as the location for the 1st Montessori School in Wooster. Now is home to MOCA House, a program which offers support for anyone recovering from mental illness. The First Presbyterian Church located directly south of the house owns the property.
  62. Ames HousePioneer House (1976)-house located at 657 N. Bever St. built prior to 1873. The house is built on a foundation sandstone blocks.
  63. Bushnell HousePioneer House (1981)-house located at 534 N. Grant St.
  64. Fifer HousePioneer House (1976)-large square wood frame house located at 1575 Burbank Rd. was built before 1873. Reportedly was a stop on the underground railroad before the Civil War and has a double-roof in the attic where people could be hidden while staying in the house. Records indicate succession of owners as: 1845 Samuel Hammer; to Thomas Bracken in 1855; to R.R. Pollock in 1865; to W. Armstrong in 1878; to J.W. Brinkerhoff in 1878; to George Rayhill in 1914; to Frank Ligget in 1914; to J.W. Gaut in 1921; to James Fetzer in 1928; to Warren F. Fifer in 1936; to Lincoln Oviatt in ????; to E. Carl Zimmerman in 1968; to Mathew R. Fifer in 1972.
  65. Watters HousePioneer House (1976)-home located at 714 Pittsburgh Ave. was built before 1860. Reportedly was a stop on the underground railroad before the Civil War. At much later date it once operated as a dance hall.
  66. Mayers-Bowman HousePioneer House (1976)-wood frame house located at 431 N. Market St. was built before 1870. The Commemorative Biographical Record of Wayne County, printed in 1889, states that George Bartol purchased the home in 1862; which he sold to Frances A. Geitgey (wife of Samuel Geitgey) in 1866.
  67. Imgard HousePioneer House (1976)-large house located at 527 Beall Ave. was built between 1867-1873 by August Imgard. The house originally stood on the SE corner of Beall Ave. and Bowman St. but was moved south in 1913 when St. Marys Church was built. Features elaborate exterior. Owned by Cleveland Catholic Diocese.
  68. Freeman HousePioneer House (1976)-large 2-story brick home of early Victorian design located at 713 Pittsburgh Ave. was built in 1870 and reportedly one of the first homes built on Pittsburg Ave. It features dental decoration on front porch and eaves.
  69. Cemetery Superintendent’s HouseCentury House (1977)-the 2-story brick home with Mansard roof located at 938 Madison Ave. was built in 1874 at cost of $2,800. Served as home for cemetery sexton/superintendent and office of Cemetery Association.
  70. James Taggart HouseCentury House (1983)-the large Victorian style house located at 824 E. Bowman St. was built in 1883 by Samuel S. Ames.
  71. Louis Grosenbaugh HouseCentury House (1986)-house located at 504 N. Grant St. was built before 1887 and had been in the Grossenbaugh family since 1887.