Paving State Route 5 (585)

These men were working on the road crew paving St. Rt. 5 (current St. Rt. 585) through Smithville, Ohio in 1925. The photos were taken by then Smithville High School students Harold and Robert Slater, who assisted the crew.

The construction crew from Greenville, Ohio, rented a house next to the Slater home in Smithville and offered the boys a job, which got them excused from school for a couple days.

This Koehring paver had a bucket which was pulled across the I-beam to dump the mixed cement.

A lot of manual labor was involved.

Bridge over Sugar Creek.

Dump truck is unloading rocks on site.

Harold H. Slater, a Smithville High School senior, painted the forms with used motor oil.

Robert J. Slater, a Smithville High School freshman, is shown leveling the cement.

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