Common Threads

This beautiful wool embroidered crazy quilt, circa 1880s, was donated recently by the Phil Gresser family. It was sewn by Nancy Emma Speicher Greaser, wife of Amos Greaser, of Wayne County, Ohio. This jewel-colored, treasured heirloom will be shared and admired by all, thanks to their thoughtful gift. Crazy quilts were quite popular during the late 1800s, some featuring fancy embellishments between the patches of fabric. Many times, velvets and other lush fabrics were favored. Notice the unusual ticking on the back side of this quilt!

Another recent acquisition is this very handsome wool tied comforter, circa 1890s, which was donated by the Ralph H. Gresser family. Note how similar some of these fabrics are to the fabrics used in the crazy quilt! The brightly-colored ties give this comforter a bit of whimsy.  You can just picture a tired family huddled under this quilt on a cold winter evening. Each generously-donated gift adds to telling the story of Wayne County.

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