D.C. Curry Company

Made by the National Cash Register Company of Dayton, this cash register is a beautiful example of an early industry.

This ornate cash register belonged to the D. C. Curry Company in Wooster. It can be found in the General Store on the Wayne County Historical Society’s campus. The cash register was made by the National Cash Register Company of Dayton, Ohio for The D. C. Curry Lumber Company, which is the second oldest business in Wooster. Notice the elaborate personalized plaque on top of the cash register.

In 1853, James Curry, a native of Westmoreland County in Pennsylvania, founded The D. C. Curry Lumber Company.

The company name was derived from David C. Curry, a son of the founder who was active in the business from 1864 to 1910. In 1901, the company was incorporated. A new mill and yard was built in 1921 at West Henry Street, Wooster, and the company moved from its previous Curry Court location in Wooster.

A 1980 Daily Record newspaper article by Elinor Taylor reported a man named John Harrison had earlier founded a lumber company in 1907 at that West Henry Street location due to its position near the B&O railroad depot.

W. R. Curry was president of the Curry Lumber Company from 1910 to 1949. In 1949, Oscar W. Martin purchased stock in the company and assumed management. He retained all the employees, some of whom were associated with the company almost 50 years.

An early photo of Curry Lumber Company.

This ad appeared in the "Wooster Weekly Republican" on August 6, 1868.


  1. sean vermaak says:

    I own a 1888 dayton national ohio cash register – do you have any idea what the value would be if its still in working condition?


    south africa

    • Hello – thanks for looking. I’d suggest a quick search of the Internet will surely give you some idea of its value.

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