Civil War Roundtable showcases Ohio Union Light Guard, March 18

You are invited to another quality program commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The Wayne County Civil War Roundtable, in collaboration with the Wayne County Public Library, will host a free program on March 18, 2014, at 6:30 p.m., in the Wooster Library Conference Room. We are now in the final months of the third year of that horrible war.

Hugh Mullen as Sgt. Smith Stimmel

Hugh Mullen as Sgt. Smith Stimmel

Hugh Mullen, from Niles Ohio, will present himself as Sgt. Smith Stimmel, one of the Union Light Guard members, who was originally from Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio Governor David Tod organized the Light Guard for President Abraham Lincoln in the autumn of 1863, with 108 volunteers who came from most of the counties in the state of Ohio. They began guarding the president December 23, 1863, camping by the White House and accompanying the president wherever he would travel. They were dressed splendidly as U.S. Cavalry and, mounted on black horses, were a most impressive sight! There was little written and known about the Light Guard. Sgt. Stimmel is one of two members of the Light Guard who wrote their memories, and what an impressive story he had to tell!

Mullen has many authentic, original Civil War items which will be on display, plus he will be dressed in his full Cavalry uniform. We’ll also hear a recording done sixty years ago by Stimmel’s son, Howard, telling about his father’s experiences. This program, located at 220 West Liberty Street, Wooster, is open to the public.

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