WCHS Planning WWI Centennial Commemoration

World War One Centennial Commemoration

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Are YOU interested in helping?

Recent events staged by the Wayne County Historical Society demonstrate that the people of our county, and the surrounding area, have a deep interest in the era of the First World War.  The WCHS military committee has had several very successful displays and presentations regarding the military history of Wayne County in the Civil War, and this momentum should be seized upon. Furthermore the Downton Abbey exhibit was very successful and demonstrated an interest in the era of the First World War beyond strictly military history. A centennial celebration of the First World War would be an ideal opportunity for the Wayne County Historical Society to showcase what we can do for the community and provide a multi-topic educational and cultural event.

As a member of the WCHS, head of a committee, or interested member, YOU can help make the commemoration of Wayne County’s role in WWI a special event.  All of the committees of the WCHS can take an active role in planning and presentation of programs and displays revolving around WWI.  Wayne County’s role in WWI was vibrant in both active military service and homefront movements.  If you or your committee has an idea for an event or program for the WWI Centennial Commemoration please contact Cameron Flint by October 26 with your contact information and project idea.  An early November meeting will be assembled for all interested parties to begin the discussion and planning for this special event.


Cameron Flint, WCHS Board of Trustees

Email:  cflint@sssnet.com

Phone:  330-202-5282


  1. Eric Williams says:

    I am a PhD student in History with a focus on WWI visual propaganda and media and would be delighted to learn more and assist if possible. I currently teach for The Ohio State University Agriculture Technical Institute in Wooster. My dissertation area is on using visual propaganda to sell the war to Britons and their colonies (as well as to the neutral United States).

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