CWRT: 11/20 @ 6:30pm; The Trial of Captain Wirz

Announcing the next installment in our FREE Civil War Roundtable Series:
“The Trial of Captain Wirz: You Be The Judge. Was He the Biggest “Scapegoat” of the Civil War?”

We are honored to have Van Young of Westerville speak on the Confederate prison, Andersonville, and the trial of its infamous camp Commander, Captain Wirz. This presentation will be a thought provoking account of the court case that will challenge you to decide on whether Wirz got a fair trial. Young will give an overview of the Prisoner of War situation at both the beginning and then end of the war as well as specifics about the charges and trial of the camp commander. Andersonville has the reputation of being the deadliest prison camp of the civil war. Over 13,000 Union soldiers died there over a period of 14 months, many from starvation, disease, and murder. This talk tells the story of how and why Andersonville was built and what it was like for the soldiers who lived there. It concludes with the trial of the camp commander, Capt. Henry Wirz, the only Civil War soldier tried and executed for war crimes during the civil war. Did he get a fair trial, or was he the biggest “scapegoat” of the civil war?

Van Young was born and raised in Ohio and a resident of Columbus for the last 37 years. Since his retirement in 2012, one of his retirement goals was to spend time studying and learning about the Civil War. Van is active in two Central Ohio civil war organizations and is current President of the Griswold History Study Group. He has presented to several area history groups and senior centers on several Civil War topics and other American historical events. He resides in Worthington, has four grandchildren and looks forward to visiting many of the battlefields and museums associated with the Civil War, and our unique and fascinating American history.

This series is free and open to the public and is held at the Wooster Branch of the Wayne County Public Libraries. Thank you to our CWRT members, the Wayne County Libraries, and Gasbarre & Assoc. Surveyors for being sponsors of our WC CWRT.

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