WW1 Memorial Plaque at The College of Wooster

The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Unites States of America formally entering World War 1. In Wayne County, Ohio there are few remaining memorials commemorating those killed in WW1 or marking the historical event. Wooster, once reportedly had an WW1 Doughboy statue that stood somewhere in town which has long since disappeared. … [Read More]

What’s in the Wayne County Courthouse Cornerstone?

The historic Wayne County Courthouse building has been undergoing a number of restorations and renovations this year and has been shrouded in black construction screens and scaffolding for a number of months. There’s been lively arguments, for and against, whether it was a good idea to pour more money into the 137-year-old building to keep … [Read More]

When Hollywood Came Around to the Fairgrounds

Any long-standing resident of Wayne County, Ohio knows the highlight of September is the annual Wayne County Fair. Because the Fair has been around for 127, 154, or 164 years (depending on how you want to count the years: from 1850-1877 it was operated under the Wayne County Agricultural Society that went defunct, from 1878-1880 … [Read More]

The Home Complete Where Taste and Budget Meet at 2006 Cleveland Rd. Wooster Ohio

Just like people, every house has a backstory. The square brick house with a small distinctive circle window located at 2006 Cleveland Rd. in Wooster, Ohio is literally a “prize” house. Not only was it an award winning architectural design completely erected from the best building materials available and shown at the 1935 Greater Cleveland … [Read More]

1897 Treasure Found or Hoax?

On page 3 of the April 14, 1897 edition of the Wayne County Democrat newspaper a Wayne County citizen only identified as “P.D.Q.” reported that Oscar Rhodes, living about 3 ½ miles northwest of Shreve, Ohio found some unusual items buried under a tree and a large rock: A STRANGE CLAY BOX FOUND While Grubbing … [Read More]

Wooster High School Rock of 1917

Did you ever notice the large rock that used to sit on the front lawn of the old Wooster High School? Ever wonder how it got there? Or what happened to it when the new Wooster High School was built and opened in 1994? Fear naught the old stone was moved along with everything else … [Read More]

Tall Tales from the Hill

During the process of digitizing images from a large donation of S. H. Dawson Photographic Studio negatives and prints something caught my eye on an old glass plate negative. On the glass plate was a negative image of the College of Wooster’s Old Main building. The massive brick structure had a central tower capped with … [Read More]


The month of October never ends without at least one old ghost story being told. So, i thought i would add one more story to the undead pile. Over the years i had always heard various versions of a ghost story surrounding an interurban train wreck. Interurban railroads were electrically-powered-line trains that connected communities together … [Read More]

Streets of Wooster: Washington, Lincoln, and McKinley

How did these streets located in the city of Wooster, Ohio get named in honor of three presidents of the United States? Turns out theres actually an interesting story behind the naming of Washington, Lincoln, and McKinley streets and the manner by which that whole section of town was added to the City of Wooster. … [Read More]

Jantzen: An Iconic American Brand

Established in 1916 in Portland, Oregon, Jantzen is an iconic brand of swimwear that brings to mind the nostalgia of the post WWII era. The Jantzen “Diving Girl” was the feature of the brand which showed a young woman in a diving position, with outstretched arms and arched back, wearing a red one-piece swimsuit and … [Read More]