How to Register Your Property and Apply for a Plaque

The Wayne County Historical Society established its Property Registry and Historic Plaque Program as a means for promoting Wayne County’s rich and diverse historical and architectural character. The program is intended to educate and foster awareness about the county’s architectural heritage, to encourage a sense of pride in the community, and to advance good stewardship practices.

There are currently four categories the Society uses to define and recognize a historic house, building, structure, site, district, or object within Wayne County, Ohio.

  1. Pioneer House – A house or residence that is 100 years old or more and was built before 1900.
  2. 100-Year-Old House – A house or residence that was built in 1900 or later and is at least 100 years old.
  3. Century House – A house or residence that is 100 years old or more and has been continuously owned by the same family/bloodline.
  4. County Historical Landmark – Building or home that is 100 years old or more and has special architectural, cultural, or historic value; or site, district, or object of historic importance (100+ years old).
    • Buildings and Structures which have important associations with notable personages, events and movements; and/or have superlative architectural, engineering, or artistic features of period style, movement, school, original contribution or mode of construction.

      Residences of important persons during their formative years of childhood or their productive years should be given greater emphasis than birthplaces. Cemeteries are usually excluded unless they contain some notable tombstone artistry. Churches may qualify if they possess architectural or historical rather than theological significance.

    • Sites having outstanding, unique or irreplaceable prehistoric or historic features and having been the location of an important occurrence, event or discovery.
    • Districts containing two or more structures, buildings and sites which together may possess greater architectural or historical significance than any one of their parts, and which form a cohesive unit.
    • Objects important in the history of the area or having artistic, scientific, other value.

The Wayne County Historical Society recognition plaques are aluminum with a black background. The County Historical Landmark plaque measures approximately 14 inches wide by 10 inches high. The Pioneer House, 100-Year-Old House, and Century House plaques measure approximately 9 inches wide by 12 inches high.

Co. Historical Landmark Plaque
Pioneer Plaque
Century Plaque

The new 100-Year-Old House plaque (not pictured) includes the year of construction as well as the year the plaque was granted.

The 2016 price of a Pioneer House, 100-Year-Old House, or Century House plaque is approximately $300. The price of a Historic Landmark plaque is approximately $350.

Qualifying Properties

In order to have your property listed on the Wayne County Historical Society registry and, if you wish, to receive a sites marker plaque for your property, it must qualify as a Pioneer House, a 100-Year-Old House, a Century House, or a County Historical Landmark. If you think your structure meets the qualifications, your next step is to complete an application and include all documentation for the appropriate category in which you wish to apply. To submit your application, follow the directions that accompany the appropriate application form.

Once the Wayne County Historical Society’s Landmark Committee reviews your application and all submitted documentation, they will inform you of their decision. Upon approval, your property will be listed in the registry and you may wish to order a site marker plaque. Please note that there are no restrictions on what you do to your property because it bears a historic site marker plaque. Also, your structure will not fail to qualify for a historic plaque because you have changed some of its initial features or added on to it.

Application Instructions and Procedures

You can download the appropriate application instructions and procedures as a multi-page PDF file below to get started today!

Pioneer Houseclick here to download Pioneer House Application.

100-Year-Old Houseclick here to download 100-Year-Old House Application.

Century Houseclick here to download Century House Application.

County Historical Landmark Houseclick here to download County Historical Landmark House Application.

County Historical Landmark Site, District, Objectclick here to download County Historical Landmark Site, District, Object Instructions.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Landmark Committee chairperson, Joan Robertson.