John Long, 1819-1909

This portrait of John Long is a treasured item at the Wayne County Historical Society. Painted by Wooster artist, Charles Gasche, it shows Mr. Long walking alongside his oxen and wagon. The painting was gifted by descendants Wallace Smith and Elizabeth Smith Dingman. According to records, John Long was born September 12, 1819 and married in 1852. He died August 2, 1909. We’re indebted to the family for sharing their prized heirloom so long ago for others to enjoy today.

The artist, Charles Gasche, was born in Wooster, Ohio in 1846 or 1847 and became a well-known fresco artist. Later, working for the Caldwell publishing firm from 1873-1875 as a “sketcher”, his meticulous drawings of local landmarks and farm scenes were published in the 1873Caldwell’s Atlas of Wayne County and of the City of Wooster Ohio.

In 1876, Charles Gasche began painting elaborate “pictorial decoration” on the interior of the Quinby Opera House in Wooster. It was completed the following year.

Gasche’s sketches can also be found in the Ashland County and Holmes County atlases. This Gasche portrait of John Long is one of several belonging to the Wayne County Historical Society. The artist died in 1895.


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